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Red mobs and spawns in general

The inclusion of red monsters that spawn waves of enemies when they die is really neat, but I feel it’s pretty lackluster in its’ current state. (2-3 waves of about 8-10 monsters from the ones i’ve encountered) Sure at the moment it’s better than nothing, but I feel like this kind of mob could be improved on.

I think the rate of finding them should be about 5x more frequent. If you guys can’t handle improving monster respawn rates due to server lag, increasing the rate of red mobs might be an interesting alternative.

The rate of them spawning could increase based on the amount of characters in your party, from event food, premium token, and have it like a party-based buff that increases the red mob spawns would be awesome too! (Even more incentive / reason to party.)

Another idea Ive had on my mind is at least increasing spawn rates in every side dungeon (The ones that are empty of quests / non instanced) to make them all grind-leveling zones, giving them more reason to go to besides map clear or world boss spawns. This would be for the people that would rather mindlessly grind than go along the quest chain (More traditional MMORPG style) Having increased red mob spawns for these zones would also further enhance reason to go into them.

I’ve always felt TOS was the kind of game where players would fight hordes of enemies, so this kind of thing would only benefit!

Any ideas/suggestions from others would be interesting to see! Please comment! :smiley:

im pretty sure this is already the case, when grinding in Abbey our party got about 5-10 Red mobs every hour, so it seems it might be based of how many kills each individual player has on a map.
Me and a friend had always leveld together, so we would often get a Red mob just minutes apart.

Alot of the new maps have significantly more mobs than most maps pre rank 8