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Recipe for collection that gone

i keep getting kabra boot final product.not the recipe.and this one got an important collection. i bet there are many other recipe collection with the same fate. i hope you guys re add it or modify it(dont delete the collection though :p)

Crystal spiders have a 1% chance of dropping the recipe, and 0.75% chance of dropping the finished product. So you just got bad (good?) rng luck.

The only collection with the problem you mentioned, as far as I can remember, was Elgos Monastery Annex. But I’m pretty sure it was fixed recently.

Still the Bite gem problem has not been fixed, so that collection cannot be completed at the moment. Others should be fine.

It has been fixed, they removed the gem from the collection. If you had the other 4/5 items, it auto completes.

Oh then it’s a ninja fix… I need to check that out again, thx for the info.