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Recent update patch broke several things

From communication within my guild, I will list some common problems below. Note that these problems occur in both 32 bit and 64 bit clients.

  1. User settings in skill bars are partially lost.
  2. Controller doesn’t work.
  3. Only normal chat works.
  4. Fishing returns error.

It seems like client’s attempts to interact with server is rejected. If you want more details, login from your GM accounts. I ain’t getting salary from you.

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Friend list doesn’t work, Attendance reward does not show up

A lot of people are having FPS issues too, when FPS is locked on 30fps and 60fps even with d-sync off, sometimes removing fullscreen solves it, sometimes not.

Also, only normal chat is working, can’t even shout for partys

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I have this issue, for some reason in windowed it’s uncapped, yeah.