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ReBuild Tos 2019 Crit rate, damage, defense info?


As discussed earlier I just came back as returning player from my previous posts, there are many things I am so confused with the math in the new ReBuild, so my questions here are:

  1. How is critical rate calculated now? (is it fixed amount of crit provide % crit? or diff monster diff crit?)
  2. What is the current critical cap on monster level 390?
  3. How is critical damage calculated? (is it 2x the normal skill damage? or x1.5 + critical attack?)
  4. Does critical bypass defense? (like the old ToS)
  5. Finally, is it better to pump crit or just pure str damage? (for mostly cheap budget build)

C = (A/B)^0.6 -1
A = ( 1 + C ) ^ (1/0.6) * B


C: crit chance
A: crit rate in your F1 window
B: crit res of the target.

-Crit chance cap at 60% (follow above formula to find your crit rate needed)|

-You can find highest crit res mobs in this link
(highest mobs can be found in field is 780)
crit dmg formula is
(A*1.5 + B)*C
A is your atk/matk in F1, B is your pcrit attack/mcrit attack in your F1
C is some unknow formular calculated from your atk and target’s def, you can put in 0.4< C < 0.8

You have not much crit rate choice beside 2 green gem on gloves/boots and nepa/abyss set (both fundable)

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Wow such a professional reply, Thank you so much sir!! :sunglasses:

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