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Rebuild: Iron Hook vs Arrest

Hello guys,

I am building a tanky disabler Scout for PvP, Outlaw + Assassin + […] , but not sure for the last class.
I made some characters for trying Squire’s Arrest and Corsair’s Iron Hook.

  • Iron Hook: skill shot - single target - possibility to pull ennemy and inflict some damage during you pull them.
  • Arrest: skill shot - aoe multi target (grab any ennemies in the area where you click) - have to hold the button(cannot do anything else)
    From what i read, (PRE-Rebuild) Iron Hook were better for PvP, but now, Arrest look more easy to land and it can grab multiple targets.

What do you think ? If someone already try both in TBL or any kind of PvP situation, wich one should be better ?

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Neither of them are good anymore, but if I had to choose one, it would be Iron Hook. Enemies under Arrest can still attack or use skills, unlike Iron Hook which prevents them from doing anything.

Oooh yeah, i didnt try it on player, so … Ok good info, thank you.