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<Rebuild> Chronomancer


Hi guys,

Is there any chronomancer thread already ?
Anyone actually gonna play Chronomancer when rebuild hit ITOS ?
and which skill is actually usefull from this class aside from pass and quick cast ?


It will be a pretty bad class
see [Re:Build] Class Changes


I saw that thread already.
but it’s kinda an overall general discussion.
I was asking about a specialized chronomancer one.

losing quicken and haste is kinda hard on this class though.
I wonder if its worth it to get this class just for quick cast ?


It has nothing good besides Pass+QC (for pve).
Was already not a top class and it’ll be one of the worst like that. I really hope IMC makes some changes/improvements to it in the next ktest patches. :cry:


I may take it just for doing 6 Kundela Slash in a row.
My main build is set to be wiz-FF-RC-WL for now, but I will try some chrono variant, even if it looks retarded to play this class with re:build changes


Wait… chronomancer lost haste? Then who got it? Or was it simply removed?


Haste with plaguedoctor quicken with thaum.


Haste with plague who?! Lol doesn’t seem to fit the theme much. Maybe it’s an adrenaline shot or something, but do plaguedoctors even use injections? XD


That feel when they turned Pass: the class into actually Pass: the class
Chronomancer definitely needs some love, Pass cant carry the very situational kit of chrono.


IMO, the most frustrating thing about this, is that they’re not even consistent with their own design philosophies, like with reagents. When Chronomancer had Haste, it eventually got a reagent. Now that it’s moved to Plague Doctor, it doesn’t. What? Why did they feel PD even needed Haste more than Chronomancer? I’d be interested to hear the devs explain their rationale about decisions such as this one.

Also, it’s just illogical to remove an iconic buff from a class that, unlike Plague Doctor, has zero innate ability to do damage, has no debuff prevention, or a potent sustain.


Chronomancer’s new skill imo is PvP focused, I can’t see it being useful for PvE purposes, even for PvP its impact is very limited due its random target:

Time Forward:“Increases the cooldown of a random skill for all enemies in range by 1 second per skill level. Affects a maximum of 10 targets. Max skill level 15. Cooldown time of 50 seconds.”

All classes of Wizard Tree in Re:Build context have at least one damage skill, even Alchemists and Taoists, Chronomancers should have one too. Time is a powerful force, time passage steals the youth, strength and life from living beings, it deteriorates the architecture of mighty empires into ruins and can turn a great mountain into dust. So, I believe that Chronomancers are too underestimated in Re:Build. My suggestion for this new skill is the following:

Time Forward: Increases passage of time for all enemies in range inflicting damage as a result of aging. Affects a maximum of 10 targets". It should act as a debuff dealing damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds (for example). The skill factor should be just enough to Chronomancers have some autonomy for Quests content.

Time Forward: Enhance Increases the damage dealt on an enemy with [Time Forward] by 0.5% per attribute level. +10% added damage at maximum level.
Time Flies: Cooldown time of skills from allies in range are reduced in 5% per attribute level. Max attribute level 4.
Trapped in The Past: Increases the cooldown of a random skill for all enemies in range by 1 second per attibute level. Max attribute level 15.
Time Took Everything: Reduces physic and magic defense from enemies in range. Reduction of 5% per attribute level. Max attribute level 4.

I know Chronomancer isn’t a DPS class, but this skill plus attributes are intended to give it more autonomy and relevance. Re:Build is still passing through changes and balances, so please IMC, Chronomancer deserves more love and attention.



so anybody know if the reagent still cost fortune ?

and I agree that chrono should have some damaging skill in rebuilt.
IMC pretty much butcher wizard’s supportive classes.
Linker, enchanter and Thauma now in the scout tree, haste in cleric, quicken also
stolen by thauma before they left wizard tree.

stuff like stop or slow can be adjusted to actually deal damage in pve,
even then, stop using a reagents is still a big no to some people.


Yes, the only good skill is Pass and it costs an arm to use it… :tired:


Does it still cost 2k gold to use it? I would think that after making a useless class even more useless they would at least make it cheaper or free to cast. I thought Re:Build was suppose to balance all classes, not make everything good except for 1.


Didn’t see any change about Pass, so yeah it’s probably still the case… :tired:


Hey I read that past got some atribuye to get better but it’s helpful in any build? Or what we have to make a Chrono?


There’s any reason to investing more than 1 skill point on Stop?
It seems to have the same effect whether on level 1 or 15… I was wondering if it affects more enemies accordingly to skill level, but I’ve found no information on this respect.

Skill description from “Skills and Attributes” UI
Stop lv.1

Stop lv.15

Skill description from simulator
Stop lv.1

Stop lv.15


Notice each level is 5 seconds off its cooldown, going from a 100 seconds level 1 to 30 seconds at max rank


Thank you!
The cooldown difference is properly indicated on skill description from Skills and Attributes UI, but (obviously) I didn’t notice it… Maybe because there’s no difference on skill description from (I don’t know if it’s a typo or an outdated info)


I’ve decided to have chronomancer basically for pass and quick cast. I’ve also got stop and slow 1 just for magic missile enhancement (xD). So now I have 14 more points to spend.
Can someone clarify how backmasking works? From forum posts it seems to be able to resurrect party members, and… what else?
Also, is slow effect from slow >1 worth it?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts.