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Rebirth Swordies


Do scouts use sword? I think they only equip it, right?

Btw, is there any skill from scout tree that scales from the 1-H sword? Corsair’s maybe?


Scout uses sword/offhand.

Most skills scale with offhand. There aren’t that many that scales with mainhand.


The fencer penalty doesn’t exist anymore last I checked. They can use shields now without lost of damage.


Using shields never dropped your damage, fencer removes all benefits of your shield. Epee guard, fencer’s main damage buff makes you lose any defence you gained from your shield (to the point where it visually removes your shield when you use it). Rebuild now makes it so that buff now has a 100% up time, meaning you will never gain the defence of your shield, without losing massive chunk of your damage (unless you go rode as well, but why would you want that?). With rank 10, Fencer then got the Offensive Rapide passive, what for 40% more damage on all fencer skills, removed the ability to block. After a rebuild update, fencer got this passive back. This means that for maximum damage on your fencer, you will not receive the defence or block benefits of your shield. This being the case, you then to use a dagger, as they usually have offensive stats compared to the shield’s defensive stats that you gain none of.


But fencer had this attribute that increased pierce dmg when not using a shield, so in a sense using a shield did reduce your damage.

This attribute is gone with rebuild though, so a shield would just be a stat-stick now in the same way a dagger would.


You can still get a lot of base CON with Peltasta, and Physical/Magical DEF with the new buff Hard Shield.

Might still be viable as a defensive option, if this is what you want from you character, even with Fencer negating the shield DEF. Block being negated is a problem, but if you can toggle Offensive Rapide off in a pinch situation, might still be useful.

EDIT: and if the Block effect of High Guard is not affected, you might not be entirely without Block Rate.


What I’ve heard is that Hard Shield does nothing with Epee on, because it drops shield def to 0. But I havent tested it myself, so I cant confirm this at all.

What I’ll do is play Matador without fencer. Either pelt-barb-matador, or pelt-murm-matador just for fun. That should allow me to play Matador(which I love), without losing any defensive abilities.


From wat I can tell, Aggression doesnt exist in rebuild, so the penalty isnt that bad. It’ll just be a subweapon you dont use like a dagger.

Also, A good mata build is pelt-doppel-Mata.


don’t forget that that petalsta buff thad adds defense and mdef based ony our shield still works with epee garde. that skill can give like 300% of your shield def as bonus def and 150% of that as bonus mdef. even if your base shield def bonus is lost, so there is that… either way, both knife and shield will be stat sticks and nothing more for fencers.


What’s up with the Dragoon Helmet skill, the SP consumption on that skill is crazy. The Cassis Crista seems to have its drawbacks removed completely, I think, but I’m not sure which skills are now affected by it. This patch is a mess.