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Really, is 14 day reset vouchers before they expire Enough anymore?

hi. i don’t really mean to criticize out of hate , or simply be rude on purpose. but
i would have to say at this point that i’m doing it out of migraines. or even to say on figure of speech [because i’m running out of air ?]

i don’t even know why i bothered posting comments like “don’t give us expirable reset items.” thinking that
they would concider it.
or better yet, why did i get critics of players telling me "they already posted this, they will give us the reset items"
i was in silence telling my self, who are they kidding ? i’m talking about the items having a limit before expiration, why am i getting criticized over the items being confirmed for compensation ? do they not know how to read ? i was talking about the time limit, not the items being confirmed as compensation.


  • players can take their time during their free hours of the weekend reading the forum and studying stats, builds
    and etc to make good use of their reset items at convenient times.
    *players don’t have to feel desperate trying to come up with a build in less than 24 hours after receiving the reset items that aren’t supposed to expire
  • players can wait at a good time and have a Fast power character after new updates if they leave their characters as a blank canvas after having their resets saved up on their storage taking advantave over other players who start by making a new char from 1/1 as soon as new classes are released…
  • a small sort of impact on a convoluted idea to exploit a bug or new update as soon as the chance is seen regarding a new event or release item by making all reset characters into the same class to make lots of silver…?

honestly, i don’t see neither of this cons as a terrible outcome…[i could be wrong… ubt how bad is it ? i want to know what you think.]…? i mean does it really count as cheating ?

i’m just trying to be fair on my own head and ask myself, why couldn’t amc stop making us work to the bone to find an appropriate build as soon as the new release or gift events happens ? why can’t we take our time slowly figuring out how we want our Build to be.
then if we use the resets and we don’t have the appropriate build, we are Stuck with high level characters on rank 1 simply because we don’t yet know what to do so we can’t play the game at all until we do so.

calling it a Pain, is an understatement to go through.

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Use the reset items to rebuild your character. You can obtain the 3 reset items once per day, per character.


You have 14 days to figure out your build IN PRACTICE, on all these days you’ll receive a class reset, a skill reset and a stat reset.


You get one per day… done making a fool of your self?


Please read it again carefully… if you don’t really understand, you can ask your friends or someone who know better English than you. Thank you

Honestly, i think the last resets(last day resets) should have been unexpirable. why?

Everybody knows that this is a huge rebalance of skills/stats/attributes, these types of changes need adjustments that take ±1-2 months of live to be stable (they need to analyze live server data, wait for the players to adapt to the changes, etc)

What everybody knows too is that after the event ends, all non-elememe/meta builds will be nerfed (with the “post-patch adjustments”) and everybody will get imc’ed again crying and rerolling their chars.

This is why i think at least one reset should be unexpirable so we can wait to use it when the patch stabilizes…


Allow me to quote myself from another thread.

“Gets 14 FREE rank resets per character still isn’t happy, the entitlement is too strong.”

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This event sets the precedent that IMC is fine with sweeping resets. If there is another drastic change, you can expect the Kupole to come back in a limited fashion, just like now.

For example, when they implement pvp changes.


sigh, here comes the hostile critics. what do you wish to acomplish expecting the person who makes a post not to respond to an egocentric insult?
don’t waste your time and don’t expect me to reply to you again more claims i’m making a fool of myself [thy insults].

Everyone has at least 5 characters level 300 , or 290, or More. each with a different class, build, and idea behind them.
or more than 5 if possible. Or maybe not, maybe some players only have 2 characters of one.
Well, i am not one of those people, the bloodyAugust.

how many hours do you spend inside the game per day 5 ? that amount of time that could equal playing the actual game or Studying/reading the forum, with all due respect, why should i be self aware of your Not thinking things like’ hey maybe some players play this game less hours a day, a week, a month than me, making their time window for game interaction a weekend deal.

all i’m saying is, i’m not going to spend my time window devided between this many characters only to figure it out during each weekend on a race against the 14 days Limit before they expire.

your argument perhaps ? [that’s your problem]
my response: then why are you even here doing this ?

try saying something without being so hostile. take Dogos for example.

though to be fair, i’m not making a good example out of my own words by taking the time to replying you this round around exchange of negative replies.

and no, i’m not saying you are not worth talking to, i’ll talk to you anytime you don’t put the time of your life writing things others might end up reading as insults going nowhere. in the end the only thing that matters is time, people’s names , people who post, it always changes and eventually might repeat for decades.

i swear, it’s hard to not post insults in your comments when you are angry. i try to not do it myself. changing your attitude is hard, but it isn’t meaningless.

and i better well Hope that Your post and everyone else makes the readers think that this post is over, because my message hopefully started making sense by the end of this post, i’ll be looking forward to reading future posts : )

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if say they did not expire, then players who come home from work to play the game every day could collect resets for each character every day. This would mean each character would have 12+ resets of stats, skills and class that never expired after the event.( this is assuming he used one or two of each where this assumption stands due to the fact that ktos players found some new meta builds for each class)
Do you think this is okay?

It essentially means that for 12+ updates where skills from classes are nerfed or rebalanced, their characters are technically invulnerable to nerfs long after this great balance patch.
The goal of this event is to let players experiment with their characters. Say you don’t have 5 level 330 maxed out characters, then you obviously don’t play as much as some people out there which means you do not need so much time experimenting with your less than 5 level 330 maxed out characters. Furthermore, you don’t even need to experiment because this forum is filled with suggestions on builds with a playerbase that answers questions.

Taking away the expiration date would make it even more unfair to those who do not play everyday like me because there will be people who have 12+ sets of resets per character while i might only have 3-4+ per character at the end of the event.

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Welcome to Tree of Forums.

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I do agree with what you said about hostile attitude. But the whole internet is like this, not only this forum. Sadly, you need to deal with it.

However, you also need resume more your words and make more straight posts. You whole post is a confusing text wall, is natural that some people will lose patience. Try to make 6~7 lines clear and straight post to expose your suggestion or critic next time.

…? i mean, i do like doing those kind of posts. but normally i do that when it’s some sort of …essay ? or when i’m Not talking openly but with a rather straight line without letting out my thoughts on what i want to say.
do you mean to say that people in this forum lose their patience reading long texts because they don’t read the entire post before they start giving a reply ?..
that sounds troubling in many levels.

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That’s what this forums and outside source game database are for, there will always be the nolifers and dedicated nerds for this issues, popular/generic class build-up will most likely have most of their detailed info are going to be out in less than 3 days.
^That is of course you’re not building some unpopular/rainbow class/build, info of which’ll likely be updated later on or sadly never(means ya’ gotta do demn test yourself)

I do agree on regards to the reset vouchers duration, maybe make the last day stat/skill resets unexpirable or make it last 60-80 days or something.

Only point of these resets imho is to let players re-adjust their stat/skill points and find a build that suits their gameplay preferences based on the changes.
If anything a lot of players will surely abusemake use of the the event by changing to DPS builds for easier leveling then switching back to support/shop before event ends.


Don’t forget for those who still willing to spend their day to use all their saalus and dungeon runs…

sorry I don’t read that wall of text. But I catch that "we don’t have all the time to spend and trying"
In the end, if you feel like can’t do all of them, you can put your priorty which and what like only do test for your main char… not all the alts[quote=“Fuwaro, post:15, topic:359696”]
If anything a lot of players will surely abusemake use of the the event by changing to DPS builds for easier leveling then switching back to support/shop before event ends.

dem ideas…

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