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Really IMC, Old Botanic Set 2020, 268 to upgrade

Wow IMC, epic support for old players. You have outdone yourself again. U so greedy. You have to spend 268 TP(Botanic 2020 upgrade) to use the old Botanic set with the new content. ■■■■ old players old, we need more money! Here is the link for the Arbor Day Package which is by the way more expensive than last Dec. 2020 Snow Bunny Event. 990 tp is already $50 for a repetitive content shoved down to our throats! tsk! tsk! “Event commander already existed” reporting for duty Sir!


It’s also one package less included then on KTOS for the same amount of TP. Until now, all packages were included in the all in one-package, but now it’s only 2 of 3 on iTOS, and they even made a separate package(268 TP) from the scroll upgraders(49 TP) so they could take more money from the players.

Oh, and the new players have to pay 1,5 times the money for their starter oak package compared to KTOS.

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I’d have considered it a buyable pack if it was 49 tp (and just the upgrade scrolls, obviously).

I mean there doesn’t feel like much reason to buy it for 268 if you can just buy 2021 from the other pack and have both 2020 and 2021 + a bunch of other more useful stuff…

Pine pack not being included could be some sort of typo on their part, cause they’ve done that in the past before. Pretty scummy if it isn’t.
And bloating Pine up with a few more vouchers too since last week’s packs and increasing the price to compensate …lol

Nonetheless, kind of sad when Nexon of all companies makes your p2w packs look more respectable in comparison…

I don’t think so since they increased the price of the Oak package.
It’s stunning,though, on KTOS you save 27.3%, on iTOS you save 13.6%, which is nearly half, when you buy the 998 TP package.

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