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RE: Hacker in First time Gemstone Feud

Hi all,

want to report some hackers here.

I usually joined the first game gemstone feud.

then I just realized this guy just using his own velcoffer shield as we can see from the photo.

which caused the game totally imbalanced.

we can see his HP bar, totally unkillable.




There is a known glitch that allows you to use specific equipment that you own in Uniform Gemstone Feud.

IMC is already aware of it and is working on a fix.

why dont u show ur gear n ign sr? its all white n something must be hidden

if some body want ot know who is topic owner
him name is KKY From Rebellion lol

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yn guardian comment so fast

Game’s pvp already broken I dont understand what some people get from still cheating via glitch / bugs


are you going to report your guildmates too? :laughing:

for protect their proud

Hope more picture more drama make forum and game lively

And wheres your proof ?
That certainly proof of the glitch/bug exploit by YN gld member(s).

GM will check who play the glitch that easy .

i wonder use addon to trigger pet return to owner is allow or not. kek

Nobody care man, we all just know Young and naive cheated in gem feud

Come on guys, lets not turn this into drama/ guild issue.

I believe whoever this thread starter are, he’s merely doing his part for reporting the glitches found. Certainly there are good and bad eggs everywhere, and regardless, i really appreaciate IMC effort to make round 1 a standard gear for newbie to farm to their heart content.And hopefully this glitches will be fixed soon to avoid further exploitation.

Thanks to crevox for the effort too, as always =D

Best regards


Agree with Runez we should fix the problem not spread the hated or drama in this game.

Laugh in bear bug :man_facepalming:

sangat tyda santuy ko ya :rage:

Same here mate :rofl:

When playing fair is not enough that they have to abuse everything to get an advantage.

Glad to know that it’s confirmed that some of these YN are this low.