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Re:Build - Velcoffer Armor


Hello, I really enjoyed all the measures that are being implemented to solve problems with the Re Build changes. I see that they are striving to reduce the damages to the players with the possibility of exchanges of weapons, gems, etc.

But I feel that something important has been missing, the changes will greatly affect the choice of ichors for armor velcofer armor. These armors give a lot of work to do and are very expensive to invest.

My case:
I invested a lot in ichors with DEX, CON, SPR
In Rebuild with status changes and new builds I would prefer to invest in CON, STR, INT or CON, DEX, STR

I think they should implement a solution similar to that of velcofer weapons, with the possibility of removing ICHOR from the armor.

Does anyone else feel that they will be harmed in any way with Rebuild? Leave a Reply


For someone that invested all his shards to transcend a primus 380 staff on his main Wizard and will be forced to change to rod + shield and redo all the process, I feel the pain already :frowning:


sell your staff now and hope people buy it hahaha

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