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Re:Build Sorcerer Cards


Do they give out free legendary cards in KTest? Because I watch a streamer in YouTube and said somewhere in her dialog about free legendary cards soooooooo will it happen?

Here is the video link:


I dont know about free stuff but let carify that RE Build is on KTest and not on KToS yet…


Oh i’ll edit XD Thank you for the info hehe


They added Legend Cards Lv1 to the “Daily Test Server Item Pack”


I would assume they give it out since it is only on ktest, but they wont for ktos/itos?





did no one test Ignas legendary card summon? or it can’t be summoned/not part of the freebies?


Thank you guys :3 hope they give us trials tho if not free hehe


I still have to figure out how to get a legendary card… :haha:


Here is the legendary Ignas card’s summonning test.


I saw a triple arrow shot in the boss footage and was hoping that was going to be the auto attack. Doesn’t look that interesting to me, though I have no idea how it compares to other summons in addition to the card probably not being at level 10 cause of how stupid legendary card leveling is.