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Re:build Red Gems Vs Yellow gems on weapon


Hello everyone,

I recently changed class to scout/rogue and have my crit rate at 60% (over 1.2k crit rate with all leather armor) and i was wondering if anyone knew if red gems are still better than yellow gems on my weapon. I can’t seem to find the new crit atk formula if someone had it, i would really appreciate it.

Thank you



Hey I was wondering they excatly same thing. There is a link in reddit about critical rate could be a great info for this topic.[Reddit post about critical rate calculation](

So I use wastrel sword + saalus glove ichor, with both item I am dead sure I am cap at 60% critical chance all the time. Now is critical damage better or physical damage better? From some old pre rebuild damage formulas it seems that the critical damage is out side of the mob defense reduction, if this is still true with the rebuild low SFR it might correct to stack critical damage instead for better dps.



According to my tests, it seems the damage formula is unchanged, which would be (atk×1,5+catk)×skillfactor

Now, which you should focus, I would say it depends.

If your class has natural critical attack buffs, then you should go catk gear and gems.

However, if your class only increases damage or non critical attack related stat, then you should focus on patk gear and gems.

Don’t know much about magic, but I believe it would be the same.



so how is for example with ranger critical shot ?
is this buff multiplied afterwards ?



I don’t have ranger to test the numbers, I might do that later.

But, if the tooltip is right (which frequently isn’t), after making the 5 stacks, the formula would be:


However, if this is a case o mistranslation, the 1,5 would multiply catk only. But I doubt that would be the case.

Keep in mind that the double critical chance there (+100%) is only for the skill itself (although I need to confirm it to be 100% sure).



I guess i must have read the announcement wrong since you guys are right there were no change to the crit atk formula.

Thank you all for the answers it really helped.

ps: If anyone else is playing Assassin getting yellow gems are a better option since hasisas is getting a crit atk % buff in a few patches.


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