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Re:Build Pocket Guide


Re:Build will be out in a week (jan 15) and i made this shorter (fairly sumarized) version to remind some important points, please check the to-do list as it is the most important thing to be aware of

UPDATED - The official guid was released not long ago so please check it out if you haven’t, it covers the basics perfectly.

Re:Build TL:DR version

  • Circles will be removed and each class picked will have 45 levels, skills will still be split into tiers with some being unlocked at class lvl 16 and 31. Only exception to this is base class as capped at lvl 15.
  • Your new class progression should be kept proportional to your current progression (ex: Rank 10 lvl 12 -> class 3 lvl 42, rank 5 -> class 2 lvl 15). Base level shouldn’t be changed at all.
  • A new reset system will be implemented using points obtained by playing the game with the character, each class reset will consume 1000 points and replace only one advancement. During the event you can obtain 3000 points for free daily per character.
  • Gems will be removed from equipment for free and delivered to market, monster gems that were removed will be replaced with a gem selection box from the class tree.
  • Each hidden class unlocked will provide you a team storeable unlock voucher.
  • Attributes can be learned without needing class masters, however advanced attributes will be unlocked with base level instead of class.
  • All options from the tree will be available as first advancement, hidden classes are an exception being available from second advancement forward. Additionally low level Pistols, Daggers, Rifles and Cannons were added.
  • There will be an NPC to exchange Masinios, Wastrel, Asio and Legendary weapons for others of the same name (ex: Solmiki Dagger > Solmiki Rapier) keeping all the upgrades and extra additions (awakening and jewel), as far as information it won’t require any complement from offhand/1handed to 2handed.
  • You’ll be able to change your base class ONCE PER CHARACTER DURING THE EVENT, however if you regret your choice it will be possible to revert it.

Re:Build to-do List

  • BEFORE PATCH - Please use all class instant level cards obtained through rank reset to avoid complications. Classes themselves don’t matter, just get into the highest rank your characters can be and with their class EXP ongoing (or maxed if 390/15r10). I’d recommend to screenshot each character with skill window open (F3) and hovering the class EXP gauge to record the exact values.
  • Check each character market retrieve tab to receive gems and hidden class “X” unlock voucher.
  • Exchange weapons for the new build in case you have any from the listed groups, keep in mind they’ll keep the same characteristics such as tradability.

Detailed Information

Simulator (in Korean) -

Official Video

0. Is Re:Build already in iToS?
No, it is planned to be shipped on Jan 15th maintenance. Beware it is likely to come with some unexpected bugs as any major patch.

Class and Skills

1. Can i pick “Class A”, “Class B” and “Class C” on a single build?
Only if they’re in the same tree.

2. I like “Class A” for “Skill Z” only, can i stop midway?
No, the new class system will have you to take the full package. You don’t have to take tier 2 or tier 3 skills if you don’t want to.

3-A. I had “Hidden Class X” on my character and now it’s gone, should i submit a ticket?
3-B. I had “Hidden Class X” on my character , can i change it back to that class?
3-C. I had "Hidden Class X" on my character and i don’t want it anymore, what will be of my time/money spent on it?
A corresponding unlock voucher should be available at market retrieve tab, in case you don’t have it contact IMC. This voucher can be stored for your whole team and be used for a single use on another character if you so desire.

4-A. I had Chaplain unlocked and didn’t received a unlock voucher, should i submit a ticket?
4-B. Is Chaplain unavailable if i don’t have Priest?
No, Chaplain was downgraded into a standalone regular class. You can have it as first advancement and in any way from a specific class choice aside the regular synergy classes have.

5. Do i still need “Class A” to play “Class B”?
There’s no hard requirement for any class anymore but they still benefit from natural synergy. Taking Pardoner as the most impactful example, having Sacrament/Blessing/Aspersion/Increase Magic Defense skipped or maxed won’t affect the Spell Shop buffs efficiency nor level.

6. I can’t i pick “Skill X” despite being available in my class, what’s happening?
Stronger skills will be unlocked only after you hit level 16 or 31 milestones, you can save points to max them straight from unlock but they won’t be available until there.

7-A. Is “Class A” good/viable?
7-B. Should i take former rank 8 classes only since they were the most powerful classes in the game?
One of the goals with Re:Build was to kill the power escalation provided by the rank system, this means all classes have in theory the same power and are at useable in a general context without needing specific builds/classes to work in the first place. They still keep strenght and weaknesses which will make their efficiency change based on context, of course you can face synergy issues regarding opposite role classes in a same build or weapon restrictions from specific classes.

8. I want to play “Hidden Class X”, how do get it?
Just like before you’ll need to either do the unlock quest or buy a unlock voucher, either way it can’t be the first class advancement. It’s important to keep in mind that you can pick a filler class and later change into the desired class with the new reset system.

9. What class should i play?
During the launch we’ll get a reset event so pick whatever you want, since the new reset system changes classes individually it is possible to try out more variations with less changes. It’s also possible to use more combat oriented classes to level and then reset the character once it hits max level, this system will stay as part of the game allowing players to reset with ease, and even gradually, after months been passed.

10-A. I had “Rank 8 Class X” unlocked, will i still have it available in Re:Build?
10-B. Is it needed to do quest to unlock “Rank 8 Class X”?
All former rank 8 classes will be available as any other regular class by default, it will be possible to do them for special rewards. Those that had it done will receive them on launch.

11. I used to play Class A with Class B and Class C, all from Tree X but it seems like Class A is missing, was it removed?
No, some classes were moved to other trees to solve synergy issues. You can check the new placement bellow.
Scout - Bullet Marker, Schwarzer Reiter, Scout, Rogue, Corsair, Shinobi, Squire, Enchanter, Linker and Thaumaturge
Swordsman - Hackapell
Wizard - Bokor and Taoist

12-A. I’ve played all classes before do i need to try them all again?
12-B. Is there any significant change on non-moved classes?
Few classes didn’t received any change at all and they range from small tweeks on overheat and mechanics to removal and addition of new skills. It’s recommended to try them out or search about them on forum.

13. Do i have to pick “Rank 2 Class” as my first advancement?
No, except for hidden classes all options are available as first advancements. However it is wiser to avoid classes that have empowering nature such as Thaumaturge, Linker and Oracle as the first promotion.

14. I picked a class and end up hating it, am i stuck with it till a new class release/reset event?
No, even after the event you’ll still be able to reset your build. For that you need to play the game with it and earn reset points, this time you can reset a single class instead of the whole build.

15-A. Isn’t it pointless to do such change as players will always go for META?
15-B. Shouldn’t i just play a META class/build and ignore everything else?
Re:Build goal is to bring more classes to spotlight and decrease the power gap between META and non-META, as such it is possible to use META builds to level and reset to a build that fits you the most. Despite certain classes and combinations being stronger than others it’s still possible to be as effective with unusual builds for specific game modes and playstyles.


1-A. Why i can’t distribute my stat points?
1-B. Why do i have only X stat points to distribute?
Stat point distribution is still present but it’s automated based on your class choice, the only points you can distribute are the ones gained through quests and statues.

2-A. How can i know which stats my class will provide?
2-B. How is does stat distribution works?
Each class will have a fixed percentage ratio distribution that you can check on class advancement, all stat ratios will be summed and the game will take the average for that and multiply by 2x your base level (ex: 20% DEX, 20% CON, 60% STR lvl 200 = 80 DEX, 80 CON, 240 STR).

3. What happened to the Magical Amplification substat?
Magic can now be critical and as such the stat was renamed as Magical Critical Attack, keep in mind that Critical Rate will be used for both magical and physical variants.


1. What will be of my attribute points?
All points will be returned and you’ll be able to spend them as in usual resets, thus they’ll keep character based nature. You can extract them using a 10% silver fee (ex: 32.000 points -> 3.200.000 silver) to use on other characters, however during Re:Build launch this will be temporarily available for free once per character. Keep in mind this function only works for the unused points.

2. I can’t i learn “Attribute X” but circles are gone. what to do?
Some attributes requires your character to meet a certain level to be unlocked.

3. How can i meet “Class Master X” to learn my attributes if i’m only at “Level Z” and the map its in is way higher than mine.
You can now learn attributes at your skill window (F3) on the fly.

4. Should i use my attribute tickets/vouchers or wait till the patch?
Those will stay the same. There shouldn’t be any difference on using them now as we’ll get the extraction event (check question 1 for details), however after that is over you will need to pay the fee to extract it back into item form.


1. I blocked an attack during combat i still received damage, is this a bug?
No, to Block was changed to reduce damage by 50% instead of mitigating it. This was changed to make Evasion more attractive as a gamble stat for Scouts and Block be some sort of aid for Swordsman and other CON based classes into other specialization trees.

2. I just used “Magic Skill X” and it was blocked/dodged, is this a bug?
No, magic is now threated in the same way as physical attacks being able to miss, be blocked and deal critical damage.


1. I used to have a “Gem X” but i can’t find it anywhere, should i submit a ticket?
All gems were removed and sent to market. Since certain skills were swapped or removed certain gems will be replaced by a monster gem selection box from the corresponding class tree, this also applies to all skills from moved classes.

2. Since there won’t be ranks anymore will my Rank Reset Vouchers be useless?
No, they’ll be converted into a 3.000 reset points voucher allowing you to do a full reset. One advantage with points is that you can reset a single class if you want or reset only one class slot multiple times instead of having the whole character redone.

3. I like Class Costume X but my character won’t be able to equip it, should i sell it?
All TP costumes will be exchanged into costume coins that can be used to purchase premium costumes, class tree event (such as the Simple line) and restrictionless costumes shouldn’t be affected.

More to be added later, all questions on comments will be added to the FAQ

KToS General Thread v4.0
About the class changes on Re:Build

only listed old monster gem get monster gem selection box (which also limited to the new list too), not all of them


Checked just in case, this was at Rank Change pt. 2.


i thought that too at first, but this change my mind reading compatibility page

  • In the case the players’ class tree has changed or skills have been deleted or transferred to a different class, the corresponding monster gem will be deleted and replaced with a ‘Monster Gem Selection Box: Class’.

  • Players can select a new monster gem for their new skill set using the ‘Monster Gem Selection Box: Class’.

  • ‘Monster Gem Selection Box: Class’ items given to players as replacement will be retrievable from the Market Retrieve tab.

list of old and new monster gem


That’s only for the gems that will be removed since gems should be rare.

  • If the gem still exists -> sent to market
  • If monster gem doesn’t exists -> replaced with box and sent to market
  • If monster gem is related to a class that was had skill swapped or was sent to another class -> replaced with box and sent to market

I’ll add it a sumarized version to the FAQ later (still working on fanart for the contest)


i mean, all monster gem will be retrievable at market, but only specific monster gem converted to monster gem selection box


I’m still thinking what are the masters for after rebuild. Do the now Hidden Rank 8 Masters keep their costume quest after rebuild? Will there be more quests to keep the others masters busy?


do you have the full list of gem attributes (I mean yellow, green, etc) between levels 1-10? Also, assume it’s the same max level for those gems?


this is correct white gem


thank you for the info

sad we get less critical rate :frowning:

EDIT: just noticed it also changed the slot we get crit rate from. How are we supposed to reach a decent number of critical hits and doesn’t this lower the value from critical attack gems as well, which was already questionable?
did they increase the number of sockets from boots/gloves?


Wait a minute, you confused the hell out of me now.

First, if we have for example 2 Billion silver worth on attribute points ,we can get them back as silver?

Second, 32,000 attribute points = 32M Silver not 3.2M, does that mean we’'re getting scammed by IMC after re:build or something with the new attribute point system? Cause i have over 1Billion silver on Attribute points and it would feel like a low kick if they plainly reduced the exchange ratio after all the silver spent on attributes.


you get the attribute points to spend on attributes again, not the silver cost from them. Suppose you have 1 billion silver in attributes, you can return the attribute points and spend them on new attributes or even on a different character.

During the event you can return attributes for free once per character. After that it will cost 10% of the attribute cost to return them. So, if you later want to retrieve 32k points spent on a character, you will pay the silver price of 3.2k points, or 3.2million silver.


If you have spent 1Billion on attribute points on X character, IMC needs to give you some sort of item to use them on Y character. Characters have their own attribute point window, is not like you can pass attribute points from one character to another magically.


“You can extract them using a 10% silver fee (ex: 32.000 points -> 3.200.000 silver) to use on other characters”

“Keep in mind this function only works for the unused points.”

my guess is that you will be able to transfer, it seems to be the message. However I made a mistake in the sense that it states to work only for unused points, so my guess is: resets still return spent attribute points and those can then be extracted, but outside the event only unused points will be able to be extracted.


Got it, i should have re-read the entire phrase before posting, thanks.


Is this for real ? :o


Thanks for the hard work! This is very helpful especially for returning players.


This is to compensate for those that will have their classes swapped out completely or will use different damage sources, this is the case with Thaumaturge, Linker and Enchanter (going from rod/staff to dagger) and any other Scout class that used to be in swordsman. To make it fair for all the exchange can be done with any kind of weapon (especially considering other classes had as significant changes on their own trees).


From my understanding, extracting the attributes will turn them into 1000 attribute point vouchers, since that value is the exchange increment they stated in the dev blog.


Hi, like to ask, does it mean any costumes bought from market wont get the voucher?