Re:build of Inquisitor


For Inquisitor, a Class whoms identity is supposedly founded on torturing the enemy,
the Classes current state does not nearly earn its lore ingame.

To be honest, all Inquisitor currently does is using Breaking Wheel, God Smash and Breast Ripper to deal DPS, while its debuff/torture aspect has become completely insignificant because the main effect of the so-called torture devices does pretty much nothing near torturing the enemy.

In fact, Pied Piper is more of a torture master than Inquisitor, be it in town with cacophonous music performances or on the battle field with complete and utter disability through skill rotation and rodent attacks.

Therefore I’ve come up with a plan how to spice up Inquisitor in Re:build and breathe new life into the self-proclaimed master of torture:

First of all, we have to combine skills and skill effects so all skills can be useful in PVE and PVP content. Currently, we have a skill divergence between PVE build and PVP build, which is bad since most of the games content does not draw any benefits from Inquisitors PVP-related skills.

To do that, 3 things should be done:

1. Remove the current effect of the skill “Malleus Maleficarum” and move it to Class level 16+ with a maximum level of 10; increase the number of missiles and targets to 10.

Malleus Maleficarum, also known as “Hexenhammer” in German, was the infamous book that instructed Inquisitors on how to differentiate normal people from people who had involved themselves with the devil.

So the original purpose of the book was to judge if someone has formed a pact with the devil or not.
This is where we come to the second point:

2. Remove the skill “Judgement” from the game and make its effect the new base effect of “Malleus Maleficarum” with the same debuff duration scaling per skill level as the original "Judgement"

With the original purpose of Malleus Maleficarum being the book to judge, it should receive the demon conversion effect of Judgement.

The new skill would look like this:

Malleus Maleficarum
available from Class level 16+
Maximum level 10

Release the power of a spell book onto the enemy. Attacked enemies will be changed into Demon type.

Skill Factor: [120% + (4 * skill level -1)] x 10
Maximum targets: 10
Skill duration: 15+1*skill level seconds
Cooldown time : 40 seconds

Malleus Maleficarum: Enhance (unchanged)
Malleus Maleficarum: Mana Burn (unchanged)
New : Malleus Maleficarum: Provoke (the old Judgement attribute)

3. Change the effect of Pears of Anguish to debuff enemies with a debuff similar to the current Malleus Maleficarum effect

Pears of Anguish were originally torture tools designed to damage the victims mouth by opening the sharpened fans after putting the device inside.

Currently, the “torture device” simply deals damage, it does not torture the enemy in any shape or form.
That’s why I propose moving the current “Malleus Maleficarum” debuff that increases the damage taken in proportion to the targets magic attack onto “Pear on Anguish”, but with a twist:

The damage taken is no longer increased, but instead, the target takes damage in proportion to its magic attack every time he/she uses a magic skill while the debuff is active.
That’s because speaking while having a torture device in your mouth will cause you to harm yourself.

The scaling could be separate for PVE and PVP so that a high value makes the skill useful again monsters casting magic.

Here’s how the skill would look like:

Pear of Anguish
available from Class level 1+
Maximum level 15

Install a Pear of Anguish on the ground that deals damage to incoming enemies.
If a magic-using enemy is detected, it flies over to it, deals even greater damage and makes the enemy harm itself when attempting to use magic, in proportion to its own magic attack.

​Skill Factor: 224%+ 7.4 * (skill Level - 1)
Taken damage when casting a spell equal to 150+10* skillevel % of the target’s magic attack
(reduced to 1/5 when used against players)
Duration: 10 seconds
Maximum Installations: 5
Consumes Torture Tools x1

Cooldown : 30 seconds
2 Overheat

Last but not least, to buff up the torture kit of Inquisitor, I propose a new skill added to Class levels 31+:


As we all hopefully know, the Romanians and other Southeast European people faced inhumane torture by the invading Ottoman Muslims.
Vlad “Tepes” Draculea was the first one who paid them back by using their own torture & execution practices against them, one being the practice of impalement, thus earning himself the name affix “Tepes”.

The name “Tepes”, which is Romanian for “impaler” would make a good name for the skill, given its historic relevancy, and round up the skillset of Inquisitor nicely. It also avoids conflict with the naming of the Cataphract skill “Impaler”.

The skill would summon several pointed poles from the ground around the Inquisitor, impaling enemies on them.
Impaled enemies are lifted from the ground for a few seconds(3-5 seconds), slowly descending while continuously taking damage (every 0,3 to 0,5 seconds) and can only move once they’ve reached the ground.


No thks, with this MM, inq will wipe all the magic dealer at boss stage.
Are you doing feud everyday? Inq is toxics as hell. Being a magic slayer, go in throw wheel to npc and go out. It should get nerf, not overbuff.
(Buff monk instead)


I think you have no idea what you’re talking about.

If you’d read my proposal closely, you’d have noticed that it contains nerfs for Inquisitor as well.
Both the SPR/INT cut and the doubled SP consumption are gone.
Malleus will no longer increase the damage dealt to the Wizard/Cleric.
The damage taken with the Pears debuff is reduced to 60% of your maximum magic attack at level 15 in PVP in contrast to current Malleus that caps at 90%.

The new Pears debuff can even be countered by equipping a weak weapon to cast magic to reduce the damage you take.
It’s designed so the magic user is punished if he tries to deal large amounts of damage, but it doesn’t shut him down completely.

To be honest, I was thinking of proposing “silence”, but that wouldn’t be balanced as it would just shut down Clerics and Wizards completely.
Instead, with this change, the debuff becomes more tactical and requires a good set-up (as Pear of Anguish needs to be set and triggered by magic to inflict the debuff in contrast to Malleus just aimed at you) to get the result you want.

In exchange, both skills become useful in PVE (Malleus receives some damage boost and the devil conversion so you can pool in all the points you put into Judgement until now and Pears will punish magic using monsters by triggering damage every time they use magic).