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[re:Build] My Taoist, need Advices


I want to mainly be a taoist in ReBuild , here is what i thought of :
1 - Psychokino
2 - Taoist
3 - sage
4 - Featherfoot

1 for Packing and some dps
2 for Main dps skills
3 for good aoes , and convenience skills , even survivability skills
4 for healing

With that i hope to be able to be in the melee, pack the mobs aoeing everything , then heal myself when i need it
Plz tell me if you think of faults or a better build , explain in the same fashion i did plz :), easier for me ^^


First of all, you build has 5 ranks, the max in rebuild is 4 (1 base class + 3 classes of your choice)

Taoist is best paired with AoE elemental dps classes, for 2 main reasons:

  1. AoE dps is not the main purpose of Taoist.
  2. Tri-disaster charm boosts Ice, lightning and fire damage by up to +80%.

So it’s best paired with Pyro, Cryo, Elementalist, and to a lesser extent, Onmyoji too. That’s not to say it would be bad with other classes, since Taoist is pretty strong to carry any build.

Here’s an example of a build:

  1. Taoist boosts his Pyromancer and Elementalist damage (Tri-disaster charm, Upper level)
  2. Pyro and Elementalist give him all the AoE dps he needs
  3. Elementalist has good synergy with Pyro (fireball->storm dust combo, Elemental essence)
  4. Taoist gives all the single-target damage he needs, since both Pyro and Ele are not very good at bossing.

I also recommend reading this post, it has all the taoist changes in detail:

And of course, play around with the build simulator:


isnt it 4 class of our choice , i thought the base classe WAS amongst the 4 class offered as choices for r1
Cauz on the dev blog , the picture talking about class show 4 column of choices possibles


Nope, its 1 base class + 3 of your choice. The base class is obligatory.

And you are making a big mistake, all classes (besides hidden ones like Runecaster) are available at any rank.


ok thanks for the advices and clarifications :slight_smile:


I will go for Pyro Cryo Taoist. I think Pyro is a good class combined with Taoist as Pyro has Fire Pillar which is good to make enemies stay at the same place.


I’ll go for Cryo-ele-tao for ice/lightning combo. My only concern is losing RC from my current build, but it’ll have to do.


anyone have thougth that crono would became meta now ? with the lack of over heats, the cast skills on every “late” circle, the weakness of every wizz without CON and the impossibility of fill the lack of CC with ranks 1 classes maybe every build with a caster like Tao WL or RC must be with crono.