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Re:build ground pets


Pretty much all ground pets look like crap.

New templar horse skill solve the problem for riders but hunters and regular pet users just have to stick with the goofy repitile ball of crap of some other lame ass beast.

Where are the wolves? Pumas? Cool ground pets?

Make ground pets great plz <3

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am feeding you to the wolves if you want to see them


They all in the LOOT BOXES


just open your wallet and u MAY get one :tired:

Just kidding


Woo woo woo! I want a wolf pe(l)t! :haha:


Yeah just keep apply pressure to IMC to release new pet


I guess you missed the Armadillo. Armadillo is probably the single coolest ground companion I’ve ever seen in any MMORPG, especially because how detailed its design is. Just look at this:

That’s a really neat companion to have. The problem is that IMC didn’t follow up with cool companion but kept releasing recoloured penguins and dogs afterwards, aside of that strange dodo and the recoloured pig.

I see the biggest problem in the fact that you have no way to change the amount of item slots available to a certain type of companion, i.e. all premium companions will always have 4 equipment slots while others only have 1 or 2 with no way to extend them via TP or ingame quest/item.


yup all free companion suck…TP pet much better … and please spend money to IMC with their micro-transaction :haha: just kidding


I still have some Armadillo coupons, but I can’t manage to get the final ones to redeem the pet. Each time I get coupons for pig #1, pig #2, pig #3… not even the same bloody pig :haha:


Probably because people who still have Armadillo coupons are keeping them for the same reason, trying to get an Armadillo xD

Thank god I got mine in the 2nd month after it was released via Adventurers Journal rewards + buying a few coupons from the market.


Another month, another stupid reskinned pig. Please bring back the Armadillo coupons… :tired:

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