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Re:build : Class attributes


After analyzing the new content provided until now by the Re:build-update, although the Class identity is in some cases improved, general diversity still is lacking.

That’s why I suggest to introduce Class attributes to every Class that currently doesn’t have any, which lessens the attribute disparity and gives them unique abilities.

Mergen e.g. currently got a Class attribute that allows it to have higher skill- and attack reach than other Classes, and Kabbalist has a Class attribute that allows it to use rods to issue auto attacks from afar.

These abilities make them unique and provide additional differences aside from the current skill set.

Re:build provides the ground work for that.

Here an example:

The effect of Oracles skill "Forecast" (i.e. showing the AoE and reach of enemy skills),
which has been deleted with Re:build,
could become a toggle on/off Class attribute effect for Oracle to give it more control and general battle overview, which is crucial to the new concept of the Class.

That way you can learn and predict which skills are incoming and react accordingly, strengthening both the role and identity of the Class that is supposed to predict what is going to happen in near future [that is what Oracles did for a living,after all].

There are lots of other possible augmentations in gameplay that can increase the Roleplay factor and Class identity while giving every Class a new unique feeling when utilized.

I hope the developers can consider such changes in the future, given they are already planning to distinguish between Classes with Class-specific armor attributes.