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Re:build : Clairvoyance


With Re:build, a lot of farming mechanics were changed, e.g. Thaumaturge now got Looting Chance via Swell Brain and Kabbalists Clone now has a longer Clone uptime.

Oracles Clairvoyance is still a skill that is completely useless on its own (even though you can scroll it and sell the scrolls) as it only shows the loot the monster is going to drop.

Now here’s the catch:

The fastest way to know what a monster is going to drop is to just kill it.

No monster lasts long enough that it’s worth using Clairvoyance on it when you can just use a damage skill to kill it.

To make the skill useful, I suggest the following change:

Recycle the “Winning”-attribute from the deleted skill “Change” and apply it to Oracles Clairvoyance.
Change to attribute effect to:
“grants x% chance to add an additional drop when using Clairvoyance on a monster”.

The attribute “Clairvoyance:Winning” should be an enhancement attribute with the same costs as others (i.e. 100 levels, maxing costs 103462 attribute points) so you have to invest a little to make the skill more useful.

This way the skill would be useful on its own even when Resetting is on Cooldown.


the skill is used for reset/drop change…


I know, but Clairvoyance has 20 seconds CD and Resetting 150 seconds. You can also craft Clairvoyance scrolls, which do nothing at all since other Classes aside of Oracle don’t have any use for it.

If the skill is changed accordingly with an attribute, the skill and the scroll at least have value to be used even when Resetting is on CD.