Tree of Savior

Re:Build Archetype Change


So for Re:build they made a npc that enables you to reset your class tree totally, and reset one of the classes you picked if I understood correctly, however we need the option to change class ARCHETYPE altogether, why is that ?

Because while some, maybe most builds arn’t affected by the loss of some of the classes transferred over to the new scout archetype, there is probably a non negligeable amount of people who’s current play style revolves around one or more of the classes that are now scout classes, meaning they are going to be forced to reroll if they want to keep playing with those classes, which is just plain unfair.

A mere rank change isn’t enough, we need to have the option to change base class altogether (warrior>wizard>archer>cleric>scout). You can’t take away classes from every archetype to make a new one and not give people the option to change their archetype, you’re forcing them to make a new character to keep playing the classes they had originally made their character for. This is absurd.

Give us the option to change our first class atleast once.


read the announcement before complaining


I did but seems like I missed " Players can change their base class through the ’Class Tree Changer’ NPC." right under the screenshot, my bad.


even though i phrased it fine, i could have phrased it better i guess.