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RARE Items from cube dissapeared, fck

Toy Hammer and Maid Headband dissapearing from inventory, what the actual fck IMC?

Please fix this, I don’t want to unfck this, do something.

What the actual fck IMC, I finally managed to drop these items from the ■■■■■■■ earth archon and the items dissapear from my inventory??? I really hope you can fix this

Hello @Nubanuba,

Kindly send a support ticket for further assistance regarding the matter.

Change maps once. If it’s still gone, you probably accidentally deleted it.

You’ll have to put in a ticket to see if anything can be done. Nothing can be done on the forum.

I didn’t “accidentally deleted” the items, they just vanished from my inventory

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Some my stuff vanish also in my inventory but if you quit the game then restart the launcher it should appear.Also changing channels may help.

I did that, the items were gone for good

a friend of mine said that items dropped from earth archon dissapeared for him too, thats why people arent farming that boss anymore

wtf IMC, give me my items, theyre super rare and they dropped for me, check my logs you’ll see it

did you filter them maybe

Maybe I chose a wrong time to start farming Wind Runner <_<

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