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Rank 8 mob to OP?

as title said, u think those new map mob to OP for us to handle?


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maybe IMC inspired by dark soul level difficulty

Maybe their going for more group oriented content.

Forcing people to do group play is wrong though. Could’ve gone a different route and just add extra rewards from quests for party play plus making strong monsters spawn when there’s a party nearby.

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did they forget too add 1-2 star maps or something?

Went in trying to clear off rank 8 quest but the monster lvl at that stage is insane to clear alone.

I think is abit unfair for single player like us to force us to get into a group play ( if that is the direction of the development team) when come to individual upgrading or at least shorten the route to the quest location by providing a shortcut link at the quest master area ( NPC)

I cannot imagine a lvl 280++ mob giving a damage of 2000++ in a lvl 303 warlock… and I am talking about 15 mob shooting at me in a go :frowning:

No they dont, still manageable so far, even with PVP build like me.

Naw, you just gotta git gud, or reroll.

is there huehuehue option? haha i choose those

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maybe for you…how about other people with different build…10 mob atk u with 2-3k damage at once is a joke tho…not to mention magic mob lol…and the most sad is support class…2-3 my friend who support class pm me to help them clearing their advancement quest at new map lol

Looks like Im never getting r8.
Would rather quit than getting into parties.

Sad that IMC made this game party only.