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Ranger quest still calls Evoniphon "Ebonypawn"

He is named that in the entire Ebonypawn questline, so i’m not sure this is a bug.

It would be nice if IMC made it clear which is the correct spelling, since he’s called evoniphon during the tyla monastery questline and at the gytis settlement area (I haven’t done this quest lately so idk if its been updated to ebonypawn).

Evoniphon is the old spelling, it should be Ebonypawn.

Edit: looks like they wheelie’d on back for whatever reason

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I’m not too sure which is the correct one. It says under the March 13-14, 2017 patch notes:

  • Ebonypawn: Character name changed back to original spelling of ‘Evoniphon’.

If IMC would revert something back on purpose, wouldn’t it mean that the old one was the correct one?

it should be Ebonypawn but they chicken out of the name when people notice what it meant and they changed later the boss name to Evoniphon, but forgot to change it on the quest…

thanks god the people that notice the Ebonypawn thing didn’t notice what pawndels and pawnds means :unamused:

better change their name too for the babies :expressionless:

<yes am been mean on purpose, blame the lack of sleep :p>

Oooh. Sorry for the misinformation! I saw the first patch note and didn’t…quite expect them to revert it, since I did the grynas questlines and he was still referred to was Ebonypawn. + it would make sense since Evoniphon is the Korean-phonetic romanization of Ebonypawn (???) I’ll edit my post.

That seems like a pretty hilarious reason to switch back HAHAH @DrRM. I’d honestly think it’s just because they had issues with doing mass instance switches.

The 3rd ranger quest-line calls evoniphon by his correct name.