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Ranged Autoattack Build

IMC destroyed my Quarrel Shooter (Running Shot) and forced me to migrate to Bullet Marker (Outrage). Well, guess what? IMC destroyed Outrage as well, so…
… is there a RANGED Autoattack Build? Something similar to the ancient Running Shot or old Outrage?
I’ve never liked Schwarzer Reiter and it seems people changed into that, I’ll check the possibility…

If you don’t like SR you’re out of luck.

SR is crazy OP if you get geared but very middling otherwise. Every other AA build has been nuked. IMC really seems to want to funnel players into a couple pre-IMC-approved builds.

If you do change your mind/accept this, SR -> Enchanter -> Sheriff is the go to. Rangda works as well instead of Sheriff for more dots/less maintenance/more add. damage instead of active skills.

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SR limacon new art has only 45 second :sad:

You dont need the new art for aoe, you simply turn on the spread attribute for limacon, utilize retreat shot, marching fire, fanning, and peacemaker with the shotgun art for all the aoe you need. I absolutely delete huge packs with these methods.