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Raise Merc Badge Limit OR Remove Expiry on Merc Badge Voucher

I think there seems to have been an oversight regarding the Mercenary Badge limit while having so much content in the game that gives way over the Mercenary Badge limit, coupled with expiring Mercenary Badge vouchers from events.


  • Uphill (40,000)
  • DCP (20,000 - 40,000)
  • Bernice [Lv 100] (20,000)
  • WBR (40,000)

That in itself is already 140,000.

Added in that during these 2 weeks there was an Uphill reset, putting the weeklies to 180k merc badges and a 20k leeway… It is impossible to finish using the Merc Badge vouchers (54pcs) that I received from the event and it’s expiring in 2 days. Seeing as it easily hits the limit, many can’t spam DCP as much as they wanted before, thus having a stock up of DCP resets.

I believe this is an oversight in game design with regard to the limit, weekly contents, events as well as event prizes.

Please do something about this. Thank you.

Edit: For those asking, yes I already have token and my limit is already 200k and YET I have 38 expiring vouchers :\



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What does token have to do with Merc Badge limit and the Merc Badge Vouchers?


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You could just not do Uphill / DCP, y’know. Just because you can do X per week doesn’t mean you have to.

Yeah, let’s waste the free weekly entrances just because the game forcefully imposes a restriction on rewards.

Frankly speaking, that’s just stupid.
There is no point of having a weekly badge limit to begin with since what you can buy is already limited by the shop restrictions, as the useful things already have got daily or weekly limits.
But even if they wanted such a limit just for the sake of having something to put as token benefit, it still makes no sense for event badges to be added up to that, as they’re supposed to be extras.


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The limit is there even with the token, though, and bots hardly use those.
Beside, vouchers are team-bound. The only thing i think of that could be directly traded are the master cards or medal of boruta rewards (but those are timegated as well, so you would need several days undetected…and if a bot lasts that long, then those are the actual issues they should work toward).

That said, it’s still another additional restriction and source of annoyance toward legit players. There would be no reason to restrict things like DCP rewards for example, as a bot would hardly be able to survive it with crappy equipments.

Yes mine is already at 200k mate.

I’m saying mine’s at 200k and it’s already MAXED, yet I have over 38k worth in vouchers which can’t be used and they’re expiring in 2 days.

It’s only bad because they gave us legend/uphill reset. You can eat those vouchers on Monday when the merc badge limit resets to have them contribute to next week and you’ll be fine.

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Yup, that’s my plan. But I’m just raising awareness about the oversight in game design, so that hopefully in future this won’t repeat again for future events.

I understand this measure is in game to counter bots, but it’s greatly inconveniencing the greater masses of players.

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