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Raise Dead Enhance?

Hey, I’m leveling a summoner. I have Raise dead with max (100) enhance attribute, and Raise Skull archer at 0.

Decided to test them and…they both do the exact same damage.

Am I missing somethin here?..


Oh, I thought I’m the only one with that problem. Since I’m a returnee I thought they did nerf skeleton soldier during my leaving.

My Soldier attri is at lv 100 while both Archer and mage are at lv 50, but the Archer does slightly more damage than the soldier. Interestingly the mage does almost 2x more damage than soldier too. I don’t know if each skeleton has damage property now so it experiences damage reduction towards some type of monsters or not (I tested it on the new HG). I kinda shrug it off since I thought so many has been changed after my returning.

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I responded on this to you in game (presuming you were the same person). Skeleton Archers attack slower but do more damage than soldiers. They have a higher SFR on their basic attack in exchange for a slower attack speed. If they’re doing the same damage, that means the Raise Dead enhance attribute is properly taking effect.

Mage also attacks at the same rate as archer, and will also do more damage on monsters with a lower magic defense value compared to physical defense.


Yep, sent shout sometime after posting here xD.

Makes sense. Was somewhat confusing the fact that a whole maxed 100 attribute, vs a 0 attribute, and they would hit almost the exact same numbers rather than “slightly” more or less either way. Made me think something was wrong.

Now I’m left wondering which one has the actual higher DPS…not that they get much action before SOR’s summon does the real damage. Anyhows, thanks for info.