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Raid Stone Cost is MAKING people QUIT

The problem is: WE CAN’T PLAY the ■■■■■■■ AWESOME dungeons that exists, JUST because of ONE thing: they’re limited. We can’t pay 1,5M or 2M (each) everytime we enter on the DG. So, I’m begging you, change the prices, make it unchanged if you enter more than 1 time on it, or simply remove it. We need FREEDOM to make the game GREAT again. We’re talking 'bout RNG, so it’s not going to break the economy of whatever… MORE players will play MORE time. Everyone WINS.


im pretty sure it is close to no one that quitting because of this reason

And im pretty sure it will break the economy, if player raiding without cost nonstop


greed isnt good, OP.

simple solution: make multiple characters so you don’t have to pay extra raid stone cost.

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Just make 10 SRs for CM with less than 6 min each run hahahahaha just craft them with powders hahahaha just use the 900 stones leftover from old velco cubes hahahhaa. Jk jk

P.S. I don’t even do the raids since I don’t need any of their stuff but they are fun indeed.

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I have 6 char CM stage 5, I can generate quite lot raid stone obviously, the problem is party is ded gem,


  1. wait for afk popo point event,
  2. just afk until you have at least 400 pts,
  3. claim raid stones x10 for the 1st out of 10th claim
  4. repeat 1-3 until you’ve reached the limit of claims.


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Raid stones generally end up paying for themselves upon getting a recipe, and you can simply loop raid stones into profit.

Invest in some raid stones -> run raid some amount of times -> get recipe -> sell recipe -> buy more raid stones -> repeat.

Unless you’re very unlucky, this should be infinitely sustainable pending raid stone prices.


THAT IS my POINT. When you have TO CALCULATE if is PROFITABLE spend “Raid Stone” to PLAY the game, or spend hours and days on making CM’s characters to ACTUALLY PLAY one of the funniest part of the game, so IT MEANS that something is TERRIBLE WRONG. I mean… You’ve to understand that we have casual players that really wants to enjoy the game, and they don’t have time to create 10 SR and make cm all day to get those ■■■■■■■ stones… So, their only option is: DON’T PLAY IT. About PP Shop: "Oh my God, I’ll wait 20 ■■■■■■■ HOURS to get 10 stones and I’LL GO on Skiaclipse for FIVE MINUTES, I’LL TAKE MY STONE, the I’ll wait more 20 hours and I’ll do it again 'till I get 50 stones… It propably will take… i think… FIVE YEARS? OH YEAH, THAT MAKES SENSE NOW!!

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chill, buy TP goddess bless, sell for silver even casual player can be a whale :smiley:

if you’re casual, then primus is more than enough for you and running the raid once per day is enough for casual.

all you want is basically getting something with less hard work and sugarcoating it with the word “fun”, “awesome raid”, and “casual”. If you cant even afford to make 2m/day that is not even casual, thats literally you do nothing in the game.


hello, i am a nontokener ultra casual player, i just completed 50 skia fragment two days ago, that means this message was sent 5 years from the future. Wow, time sure flying fast!

ps: i dont have SR


come back here when you’re out of sierra for ichoring some random valuable primus.

…and destroy it on the last try. :haha:

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i feel that pain, but also the great release you feel when you get a Successful ichor on the last try. :rofl:

They fixed that problem by allowing the player to choose the item they receive when using x boss fragments, so after you collected x boss fragments (number depends on the raid, it’s either 10, 20, 40 or 50) you can actually choose the reward you want.

Now the only problem is that you get random recipes inbetween, making it take longer until you can get your favorite item.

I believe lowering the fragment requirements for Ignas and skyaclipse could help lowering the frustrations,though, simply because you need less characters/days till you get to the point when you can choose your ichor chance item (you still have to craft with more RNG drops so gg).

Just be whale…

OP is too OP