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Quick Guide Bullet Marker - Sheriff - Enchanter


so no fanning while hitting multiple target? i thought fanning > outrage

Fanning hits only two targets, useful when targets have low health because shots hit the next ones still alive, but Outrage hits five targets, so if we consider the damage purely, outrage produces a better result in a scenario of five or more. resistant targets, In the most common terms of mmos, my interpretation of “Multiple Target” in this guide is closer to AoE (5+) than Cleave (2-4),

0 in redemption WTF best defensive skill in the scout tree and 0 points WTF

And 15 in quick draw WTF WTF worst skill in sheriff class -_-

And worst of all 0 in mozambique drill WTF WTF WTF best single target skill in BM class WTF

And worst worst 0 point in Silver bullet WTF

Remove that point in Napalm bullet and put it in silver bullet or WTF O_o

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Hi, thx for the effort, It would be nice if you add a video in boss; cm; pvp…

I know the guide was too short and lacked a summary of the purpose of this build.
This is a guide focused on maximizing damage to PVE content.
I do not have much time to prepare something more detailed, but I will try to answer some specific questions.
With the Wastrel Sword and Irredian accessories, Quick Draw becomes a decent skill for multi-target scenarios, especially with the help of a falconer. Even without using Peacemaker synergy, the accumulated damage of 568% x5 with an AoE ratio of 19 plays an important role in rotating against multiple targets.
Mozambique Drill is an excellent ability against unique targets, but it is a choice between this and the power of RIP in AoE. Mozambique loses to Outrage with the equipped Wastrel Sword and the Sheriff combo, which are completed at runtime. It works on other builds where the BM is responsible for all damage.
Silver bullets do not accumulate with Enchant Lightning, which makes Napalm Bullet a viable choice with a cumulative damage of 613% x2 and 23 AoE ratio.

lol , i don’t understand silver bullet 0 point , silver bullet replace enchant lightning elemen to holy when you use it , that skill boost all your pistol damage vs dark mob/boss