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Quick Fixes to Problematic Botting

As we all know, botting has become a part of MMO ever since the very first MMO was released. A lot of developers had different approaches into dealing with these bots such as jailing, insta-kill mobs, captcha, etc… but the fact that IMC has no safeguards in regards to botters in mind-boggling at best.

A quick proposal with game mechanics already in place to counter bots?

Petrification when killing a certain mob, followed by a captcha to undo the petrification. Who gets affected by this?
-Macro Botters
-AFK Necro Bots
-AoE Teleport Hack Bots (unless they start coding to avoid said mobs but that will take away AoE randomness)

Petrification is already part of the game using the Elite’s purple puddles or Moringponia’s ability.
The Captcha is already implemented in the gimmicks where you have to guess the number, but can change it to instead of guessing the number, you type the number shown in the screen.

Being a dev for a different game, I have full knowledge that this is easy to implement since IMC already has the code and a beginner level programmer can easily modify it to create this quick-fix protection, you know, since the GMs here just twiddle their thumbs while bots run around rampant.

Now to actually put this feedback somewhere else other than this forum since ultimately, this will just get ignored by the GMs here.

TLDR: Implement Petrification that indefinitely stops the player/botter until the captcha is filled out correctly.

Post Script: Jailing wouldn’t probably work for telehacks, and insta-kill mobs would annoy players more as gems can be dropped. Petrification with being untargettable while petrified seems the easiest solution, it also gives us a sight to look at all the botters caught in the map. Wouldn’t you think that would be a sight to see?

Your solution would cripple controller players.


Then integrate the captcha to controllers. Captcha does not mean you have to have a keyboard anyways, you can just select the correct answer to the multiple choices based on what is written on your screen.

Same method on how you select difficulty in Uphill, which I assume controller players can do.

from F2P player Point of View (PoV):
botter is plague and should be exterminated completely

from whale player PoV:
botter compared to F2P player, are a more efficient farmer ergo have more buying power for all whale’s opened-but-unwanted gacha items, so whale can continue to ERP/flexing to the rest of population. Whale crave attention

from GM PoV:
if botter banned, whale lost potential buyer hence quit game, no one funding the server and salary, so for greater good they inspect bot (to please complainer) and do nothing.
Afterall money talks, without money server will die faster. The server can be saved with just botter and whale, but cant with just F2P players.

botter give silver to whale, whale give dollar to server/staff/GM, GM give permission to botter. Circle of devil.
F2P player only sit helplessly in the corner
If you cant beat them, join them.

is that correct, @GM_Francis?

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