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Questions on Evasion/Other Scout Noob Questions | Scout > SR > BM > Ench

I’m new to the game and trying to sort out everything as I go along.

Scout > Schwarzer Reiter > Bullet Marker > Enchanter

I’ve been seeing a lot of negative feedback when I’m searching around guides about Evasion being less useful and not useful for mount-type classes. Is this true? / Is Evasion worth it?
[ EX: Mounted w/ Evasive Action and Free Step.]

If Evasion isn’t worth it I was going to swap Free Step for Cloaking and Evasive Action for Retreat Shot.

My goal with this build is to focus on doing lightning damage bonuses from Lightning Hands on basic attack with the ricochet from Limacon.

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Evasion is not worth it in PVE aspect because the more enemies that target you, the less chance you evade. Also, retreat shot should be maxed out as you can use that with limacon and it has a lot of aoe damage.
Evasive action is a 1 pointer in the future with the upcoming arts update.
Caracole is a 1 pointer.
Tase, smash bullet and tracer bullet is a 1 pointer.
Silver bullet is a 5 or 6 pointer.
Agility and Enchant glove(for the crit attribute) is a 1 pointer.
Rest of the points on enchant earth and anything else on enchanter.
Max lightning hands.


by the way, you can’t use bloodyoverdrive while mounting.

take Corsair or Linker or Thaumature for farm.

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This is what I’ve decided on based on your input along with @BrooklynzoO 's input. I’m just wanting a class I think will be fun for now and then make a farming class later.

Forgot to mention to max lightning hands and only need 1 point into caracole.

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1 point for the damage increase and why max Lightning Hands? It doesn’t seem like that big of a bonus per point after level 1.

Also from your viewpoint would it be better to go 4 Cloaking/1 Free Step, 4 Free Step/1 Cloaking? I want at least 1 point in Free Step if I’m going to be using Evasive Action I might as well.

If I go 10/10 lightning hands I would take points from Enchant Lightning and Enchant Glove.

I feel like Bullet Marker is good, already screwed myself trying to see if Double Gun Stance worked mounted but it doesn’t either.

In my case of playing BM SR, I only put 1 point into double gun stance and maxed out bloody overdrive just for the aoe. It’s pretty effective during CMs because you’re also invincible while using it. Of course you’ll lose limacon but it’s not a big deal in CM since I don’t even use limacon during CMs unless I’m on a boss.

For scout I went 5 cloaking 5 free step 5 double attack. Oblique fire is a very underwhelming skill late game, I’m not sure about early game. 1 cloaking is debatable, if you’re not doing any pvp content I don’t think you need to max it, but it’s still good to max it for general uses.

I mentioned before that enchant glove is a 1 pointer, as you only need it for the critical rate attribute. Putting points into it any further is a waste as it only increases accuracy, and you don’t really need that much accuracy, anyways. Especially when you also have Tracer bullet, which also provides critical rate with its attribute.

Lightning hands is 30 minutes and you can also increase its damage from enhancing its attributes + points. With tase, you cannot. I also put 1 point into tase because the skill factor increase you gain from putting points into it is very underwhelming, and you cannot enhance its attribute, and it also has a long cooldown. And smash bullet is also a 1 pointer because the skill factor of Smash bullet is the initial hit. The DoT that comes with it comes from your weapons physical attack. So there’s no reason at all putting more than 1 point into Smash. Just focus on upgrading your pistol and your smash bullet will be very powerful. You can put the remaining 15 points into bloody overdrive and the extra 1 point into anything else (I had linker so I only put 1 point into napalm, but since you don’t have linker, napalm is pretty useless.)