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Questions from new player who is confused

Hello! I am just strated this game. I have some questions:

  1. Where are quests? I saw only main. I finished royal tomb and dont know where to go because in journal they are saying to me to go to some place which i dont know and because my map isnt open i cant understand what to do.
  2. What i need to do with low level yellow items?(there is transcended stat) Should i just sell them as junk?
  3. Is this game supposed to be so easy? Like all are dying from 1 of my spells even bosses in dungeons.
  1. go to f5 episode and check the next quest you need to progress, the blue arrow will send it to the quest list
    on quest list click on check quest location

  2. what low level yellow item?

  3. Yeah, all “early” game is pretty easy, since the big buff on all skills factors. You will one shot everything until lv420+ maps

Thank you.
Yellow items with trascended option.

dismantle any equip below lv 400