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Questions about Telsiai, Varena, and PlayOne Asia's ToS

Hello! I’m quite interested in playing ToS on either Varena or Telsiai since they are both SEA servers.

Right now, I heard that Telsiai is on lockdown that prevents F2P players from entering. Can you still access the server by purchasing the Novice Pack for SEA? Or is the only way to enter Telsiai is by playing the game before it became Beta?

Telsai is a server to cater SEA players, but the physical server is still located in NA. I heard that Telsiai will be moved to Singapore in the future, will Varena get the same treatment?

Source: [SEA] Telsiai server location. (FULLY ANSWERED / SOLVED)

And about the PlayOne Asia version of ToS, anybody has an experience playing it? From what I know, the game is managed by an Indonesian company, so, did they bother translating the game or is the game fully/partially in Indonesian?


Telsiai is already in Singapore, and is open to all players. There is no more Early Access packs to be purchased, you can purchase TP though.

About Indo TOS, no idea.

you mean the physical servers have been moved from NA to singapore?

Both Varena and Telsiai server are located in Singapore from the start.

Novice pack is only an additional purchase package and NOT a requirement to enter the game. Varena is free2play from start till now. Telsiai was once buy early access to play and locked for a certain period and now open for all. Rumors say most elites are from Telsiai

PlayOne server located in indonesia. They support whole SEA area. Player base are mostly pinoys even though game language can be changed from pinoy to english

wait what? I thought those were just labels and all servers are in NA, that’s why everybody in SEA has high ping. Could you post a link of your source? I’ll try to look it up again. I remember people discussing having high ping despite being in their respective servers (e.g. sea people in varena and tels, eu in fedimian, etc.) because all physical servers are still in NA and we’re still waiting for them to relocate it to nearer physical locations

i think one way to prove it is to test your ping in different servers. when I moved from orsha to telsiai, my in-game ping still gives me the same How to test your ping to the EU,SEA and SA servers. cmd might give you more accurate results

Yes, that’s what I thought too.

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my bad, that was a rather loose generalization. but is that with vpn tho? I don’t know the case for other countries but in PH, as far as i know, majority has no less than 100-200 ping. Some are even at 300-400 ms without vpn. anyway, I’ve read about people from other servers like EU who have higher pings than they expect.

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SEA are famous for slow and expensive internet service. Singapore is the only exceptional

You can check server location in FAQ

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I can vouch Telsiai has good ping, from Singapore.

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That explain why Singapore is so successful