Tree of Savior

Question, seeing/finding quests


Hello’ , I want to complete every one-time quest. While the world map showing quest names helps, since the beggining i’m finding NPCs that have absolutely no “flag” or any kind of icon showing they offer one, when they do.

Was wondering if there’s any way to track available quests, or at least have NPCs show when they have one.

Thank you.

Edit: Seems to be Grey quests that don’t show.


There is an add-on called better quest that helps with that :slight_smile:

am using it right now to finish all my quest…

Keep in mind that there might be hidden quest or quest with specific conditions that might not show up


Oww. Was hoping for an in-game option. Not very friendly with mods/add-ons .

Eh, still can find the quest with a bit more effort xD.

Thank you.