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Question regarding ‘Weapon Type Change’ for special Legend-grade weapons and Unique Raid weapons



Just for beeing sure that I do no mistakes I would like to ask here.

I am currently planning to buy a Velcoffer Pistol for one of my characters. When ReBuild is here - as far as I understood we will be able to change the type of the weapon of legend & raid gear. However there is one part that does look strange.

When I change my pistol (one handed) to a two handed weapon the chart mentions that it gets +1 Pt. BUT it does not mention +2 Sockets. However regarding the other way from one handed to two handed it does mention either +1/+2 Pt and -1/-2 sockets. What does seem strange is that they do mention sockets there but not in the rest of the chart.

What I would like to ask now is: Will I have a Two Handed Weapon with 3 or 5 Sockets when I change a One Handed Weapon to a Two Handed Weapon?

Thanks for the help! Have a nice evening

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Edit: Maybe this is a little bit offtopic. But I am also not sure regarding the prices.

  • Is 120M for a One Handed Velcoffer Weapon (+0, FULL Potential) good?

  • And what about ~150M for a one handed +11 Velcoffer Weapon with 0 used Sockets and 5 Pot left? With ReBuild I could get a +11 Two Handed Weapon with 5 unlocked Slots and 1 Potential left.



Converting one-hand to two hand won’t give sockets, it will just add +1 potential due to two handed weapons having 15 max potential compared to one handed 14 max.

If you really want to take advantage of the conversion, the best way would be to get a velcoffer shield and get it to trans10 (costs only 67 BG) and then convert it to a weapon later. A trans10 2 hand weapon would normally cost 203 BG (I think around 60BG discount with trans 50% off on even stages event)


do this weapon type change work for raid weapon?
like masinios, asio and wastrel ?


Yes! /20characters. o/