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Question regarding skiaclipse bow

Hi, I recently got my hands on a skiaclipse bow and decided to craft it. Now that I have it on my hand, I’m very confused with what the AoE range +9 effect on the bow even means. I’ve tested several theories which all is not true, including:

  • testing whether I can cast the skill from longer distance: no
  • testing whether the area for arrow sprinkle got larger: no
  • testing whether it actually means AAR in the first place: no, i’ve checked f1 during cast and while the skill is running, my AAR is still the same, and arrow sprinkle is 1 arrow = 1 enemy, so AAR would be pointless.

I’ve asked this in-game and the mergen thread, and it seems nobody have a solid answer regarding this, or says the effect is just bugged, or the effect is so little you can’t even see it. So, I reposted again in general discussion hoping that someone actually understand the effect or can clarify whether it’s bugged or things are just missing in translation. Thanks.

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How did you do your 2nd test?

9 extra range is actually small. You can turn on/off attribute of mergen’s expanded range (15 extra range for auto attack only) and roughly measure the 9 range.

Because of how this bow conflict with downfall ARTS, i assumed it affect the aoe range of surrounding target. Prolly need another person + training doll to see if the bow will have extra range.

Whisper me if you play telsiai, I’ll help testing.

ah I forgot to actually test how big +9 is… I just assumed since it’s a special effect from a lv 400 raid bow, it must be at least decent. Well, I’ll test it myself when I got back to my PC. Thanks for the answer, never knew that the effect is just dumb to even begin with…

Down Fall: Broaden

  • Deals 50% of the damage of [Down Fall] to enemies within a range of 40 from the skill’s original target * Accelerates [Down Fall]'s cycle by 0.1 seconds * Targets: 3 + (Caster AoE Attack Ratio/3)
  1. It already have range of 40 so you need proper test and if it’s worth it.
  2. Your test on test 3 also inaccurate. Any increase stats/effect to specific skill won’t show in stats window. If it’s indeed give you 9 aoe atk ratio to downfall, you should test if you can 3 extra surrounding target (e.g from 3 to 6 target).

Good luck and update here the result.

not for downfall, its for arrow sprinkle.

and for the OP its still weird how this bow works ive tested it in ktos it seems the make the area of sprinkle large although its not that noticeable, however ive tried it in itos nothing seems changing.
i think theres a video of this bow review. ill see if i can find it again.

and someone also shouted this last night, Irisena. if i remember was that you?

So i’ve tested some stuffs about how much +9 is, so here’s a comparison:
no additional range
+15 range

I guess it makes sense that I can’t even see the area widening by just 9. I tried several times and it kinda ‘feels’ the same, it’s just sometimes you see it just a biiit more larger. And yes, I’m Irisena xD

after you shouted last night and after i messaged you i tested it myself and found no result too lol

then it’s bugged lol. but again, even if it’s bugged, nobody would’ve noticed anyway sooo

Ooh…idk why I always thought the bow was for arrow fall. Prolly I have ditched arrow sprinkle for long. If it’s sprinkler then it’s hard to test. +9 prolly is like half of character body. Maybe test vs training target with aiming then see if you can get higher average with the bow on. Maybe this bow catered for non falcon user.

btw, why downfall:broaden attribute make it hit slower? isnt it suppose to accelerate cycle by 0.1 sec?

Just take it as mistranslation/misunderstand of that word by IMC. Seems intended when you gain aoe while losing dps vs 1 target. Not every mergen is falcon/ranger so it’s an option when you want more aoe skill.

Everything I’ve read and seen regarding this bow has led me to thinking it’s crap. Right from the onset, +9 aoe range effect seemed like garbage.

This is without me testing it, and only from watching videos and reading/knowing what I know of the game mechanics:

If I had to interpret what it does, it allows arrow sprinkle to hit a larger box. If you’ve tested arrow sprinkle on a target, then used falconer aiming and used sprinkle again, you’ll notice how many more hits land on the target. What the bow does is imitate that effect, however +9 is so small comparatively to aiming that it’s barely noticeable, especially on targets with smaller hit boxes and if they are even remotely moving.

I hate to say it, it never seemed that great with poor imc design and I don’t know many mergens as is let alone any who felt justified in crafting it to use or even ichor.

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