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Question regarding Pardoner Shop buffs

Can anyone please explain to me how the pardoner buffshop actually works? ^^

For example, if I open a shop after using Divine Might from Oracle the shop becomes level 6, and the buffs I’m selling are level 6, too.
After Divine Might is over however, the grace-buffs shown in the shop are changed to level 5 and the value of the grace-buff gets reduced, while the buffshop itself stays at level 6.
Is it actually just a graphical confusion, which means that the game handles the buffs that you are selling as skills, and therefore tries to increase the skill level of the grace buffs by +1? What is the value of the grace-buff which is shown to the player that buys the buff?

Another question is how your SPR stat is used for the calculation of the value of the gracebuff.
For example, If I use the Misrus - Lucid buff to get the increased SPR after using a HP-potion and then open the shop the value of the gracebuff is higher because my SPR stat is also higher for a limited amount of time, which makes sense.
However, after the 15s when the Misrus - Lucid buff expires, the value of the grace-buff gets lower again. Wasn’t it so, that the game just saves your SPR- value the moment you open the shop and uses that for the calculation of the gracebuff? So it should’t matter if I increase or decrease the SPR value after the shop is opened or did they change that?

Hope someone can help me with this. :slight_smile: