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Question: Official arts list :?:

some arts seens to be missing in game.

where can I find a solid list of all arts that are running in itos :question::question::question:

Here’s a list of all arts. You can filter by class, but you’ll see other attributes as well. Arts always say [Arts] at the start of the name.

Lol, 75% of them are just sfr increase. Such a lazy design

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Every class has at least 1 actual art, and some have 2.

All damage skills that had an enhance attribute have an “Enhanced Upgrade” art; same for healing skills. That’s why you see a lot of those.

There is only one class that didn’t get an art, and that’s Hunter. They made one, but decided not to add it for unexplained reasons (though many good reasons can be inferred). check this out for each art review

Thanks for sharing. :distinguished::distinguished:

Just a thing about the Epee Garde - Nobility: the translation lacks a little, insignificant detail. It’s 50% when attacking in front, but it’s not 30% from sides and back. It’s -30%.

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