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(Question)Luciferie Pyktis/Prideti and Visible Talent

Anyone could tell me if Pyktis’ extra hit is calculated in Visible Talent? Because I tested Prideti add damage and as I see it’s not and I don’t know if it’s a bug or intended.

I wanna know if…

  • None of them is calculated in Visible Talent (then I guess it is what it is) or…
  • Prideti is buged with Talent or…
  • Pyktis has unfair advantage over Prideti…

So if anyone could test Pyktis with Talent or knows the answer it would be helpful.

Lucferie Pyktis count toward Visible Talent (Great starting item for physical Chaplain). It easier to proc this compared to Prideti (Check below)

Lucferie Prideti count toward Visible Talent, but required multi hit to proc it. That’s why classes like Crusader and Plague Doctor is a great choice since their skills kit have a lot of multi hit. Another problem with Prideti is that you need a ton of add-damage stats, which can only be obtain in the following sources:

Also ignore the +3 / +5 seal stuffs on Lucferie. I multiple it wrong. It suppose to be 4100% and not 2100%.

Furthermore, you need 16 hits to trigger Pridetti compare to Pyktis.
TD:LR - Lucferie Pyktis for low defense mobs, and add-damage build with Luciferie Pridetti for Bernice (floor 50+, that’s where mobs have a ton of defenses since add-damage ignore defense values).

Come calculation before/after nerf.

If you want to maximize your visible talent damage, you need to improve your auto attack damage (Binatio + Aspgerillum). Both physical and magic have its own advantage:

Zealot + Krivis (critical damage focus. Boost the normal attack damage with crit effect)
Plague Doctor’s Vaivora (provide 150% magic damage bonus for Magic Chaplain. Huge damage +% source).

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Did you test this? X) Because I don’t see it. That’s my problem.

Just hit a monster once with visible talent “charging buff?” active and then check the damage of visible talent.

Then hit something but stop before prideti would trigger activate visible talent “charging buff” hit something once with the prideti proc… then check visible talent damage again.

The damage at the end will be the same as your one normal hit…at least it was for me.

I hope you get what i want to say X)

I haven’t fully test out the Luciferie Prideti yet in the current Goddess Update, but the following below show how it actually work:

P.S. Lucferie Prideti doesn’t show up on the WBR damage meter or add another line of damage like Pyktis does, because the add-damage is apply directly onto your skills or normal attack. (Depending on which one trigger it. Skill or normal attack).

Edited: Visible Talent will show up an extra line of damage.

7224 is the Auto/Normal attack
8238 is the Visible Talent

If you hit so many lines, then you probably won’t be able to see it.

You need to hit 40 times to trigger Luciferie Pridetti (or 16 times if you have the full set equipped). Hitting 1 time won’t trigger the set effect. The add-damage source will always count direct into Visible Talent.

Keep in mind that Visible Talent give you 10 seconds to stock up the damage and the damage output is based on 4% of the total accumulated damage. (Only from normal damage and any additional damage sources (like Luciferie Pyktis and Prideti).


My prideti does 1m+ damage. If it would count in visible talent it would add 1000000:25 to every hit that’s 40k damage… would be pretty visible.

I guess I’ll have to make videos anyway if I want to send in a ticket so I’ll try to show it later.

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I don’t know if it’s been mentioned elsewhere, but the Skiaclipse Assister also gives an additional damage bonus. I don’t have it maxed out completely yet, but at 3* and lvl 456, it gives 2290 additional damage.

Oh, and Skiaclipse can inflict a debuff that increases holy damage received. It may be relevant here.

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Oh sweet. I almost forgot about that. Thanks for pointing it out!

Skills only with Luciferie Pridetti with decent add-damage

Auto attack with visible Talent (After using skills with Lucferie Pridetti)

Source: Lord Rukitora

Edited: Ok i know what’s going on. You’re using Visible Talent ARTS. That’s why it didn’t accumulated the damage.

If your skills isn’t stocking up the normal damage or add-damage, then it’s probably the side-effect of the Visible Talent ARTS (in Goddess’ Name), which remove the accumulation damage effect.

Wait for my videos before I sprinkle some holy water on you gently with a hammer. :rofl:

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I feels like that would be the only issue there. I don’t know how else that could affect your Visible Talent damage ; _ ;

Holy water is nice :prince:

1 normal hit visible talent:

1 prideti hit visible talent:

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Hmm, it does look like a weird interaction with visible talent to be honest:

Video #1: Doesn’t attack mob, but gain visible talent damage

Video #2: Attack mob, but gain visible talent damage but somehow doesn’t count. If i understand correctly, you’re missing out 76,000 extra damage something due to 1.9m Prideti proc.

This might be beyond my understanding about Prideti, but the damage accumulation should still work with Prideti. Unless it’s bug out.

Could you test this by activating binatio and hit it with Luciferi Pridetti? I can only assume that the add-damage must work with either basic attack skill or skill effect.

I attacked the mob with 1 normal hit X) It’s a critical you may missed it.

Btw I make around 50k damage/hit because of my add damage. Add damage adds to visible talent hits too what we can clearly see here.
Those 50k-s that the little visible talent caption shows are actually spread in 25 hits XD so visible talent actually hits around 2k/hit here without the add damage added XD

Yes. X) I think…or hope it’s buged and not intended.

I’ll check it but I’m lazy to make more vids and I’m sure it won’t be different. I realised this whole thing because I made much more basic attack damage in weekly boss raid than visible talent…and that seems pretty unrealistic. I don’t know if talent would out damage my AA but should be closer for sure.

@shanochitos No I don’t see any difference. It doesn’t work for me with binatio either.

What is your current add-damage stats? Also are you using magic or physical chaplain attribute??

I’m actually in the middle of trying out builds. I was physical when I realised something wrong and I already did the tests.
I’m magical in the vids I think and at the moment.

I think the problem is with prideti/visible talent itself so we won’t rly find out anything else…unless it’s caused by my addons but I doubt it.

Also are you sure pyktis adds into visible talent? I think I did tests back then when I could try it with appra and I do think it added but I have no proof.

Pyktis does add toward the visible talent:
Source: Narain (who tested this out)

It possible that pridetti/pyktis only work on “physical type” basic attack, and not magic chaplain. There might be a possibilities.

Or Magic Chaplain required magic attack to apply into visible talent (with add-damage), while physical chaplain required physical type attack with either (add-damage) or (additional damage) effect.

I think you should test magic ability to see if add-damage add toward the visible talent damage.

Pyktis only works on physical for sure.

Prideti should work on both but it doesn’t on any as it seems for me. I’ll send in a ticket and hope it’s a bug and not intended.

That actually shouldn’t work X) Visible Talent only counts basic attack and hits on basic attack. There are exceptions that counts as basic attack. Emphatic trust hits, blind faith hits, frieno hits, etc…and maybe pyktis hits idk about that as I dont have pyktis. But because prideti is not an extra hit just added to something it most likely won’t add into Talent from other skills than basic attack.

I think actually aspergillum charges talent even if you use it as magnus but not sure.

I still have to check btw if I remove addons anything changes but I highly doubt addons could do this.

I tested it again. Add-damage stats definitely does not count toward Visible Talent. No matter how i test it, physical or Magic. This could be a bug or intention. Either one.

So this would make sense, Pyktis work for both skill + normal attack and count toward Visible Talent, while Magic Chaplain can maximize Pridetti but that trigger only give extra flat damage base on the add-damage value x (Prideti’s % scaling), but completely ignore defenses.

TD:LR Physical Chaplain surpass Magic Chaplain in term of visible talent damage, but add-damage chaplain surpass physical pyktis build in bernice.

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Update: Goddess Card and Triukas set apply toward the Visible Talent. I can confirm that magic chaplain do work.

Dahlia card = 8,234,863
Force Wave = 1,236,453
Total = 9,471,316 * 4% = 378,852.64 + 31127 = 409,979.64 Visible Talent Damage (Not sure what other stuffs add-on, but this WORK!)

To confirm the theory future:

2nd screenshot has 1,512,204 damage force wave

1,512,204 * 4% = 60,488.16 + 31,127 = 91,615.16 Visible Damage
(Again, there’s another source that apply extra damage, but i don’t know which one.)


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Add. Damage is applied at 110% on non-neutral targets.

- Damage value is Truncated
60488 + (31127 * 1.1) = 94727 
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