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Question: For those who have the recipe for the Goddess/Demon armors, what is going to happen?

According to the patch for New Content, we need the stone for each type, Complete Piece of Divine Power for Goddess and Dark Red Soul Stone Piece for Demon, and Arquenium to register in the Storage.
But what is going to happen for those who have the recipe? Should I rush to make the complete piece? Or is the Recipe being “destroyed” back into the stone?
Neither of the 3 patches is clear for what is gonna happen.

I also have the same question, have complete Austeja Recipes … O.O

AFAIK, recipe have no change, craft it to the whole item then dismantle it to get back the full materials.

Post patch, there will be a Goddess Material Exchange NPC pressumably in fedi (i dont remember) that you can interchange a Complete Piece of Divine Power with Dark Red Soul Piece 1:1, without any fees.

The problem is: to craft the gear, I need Arquenium now. After the patch, Arquenium will be replaced by Refined Arquenium, which is used to register both armors. Will the one in the Recipe be replaced as well?

I ask because the Recipes are the same as the Complete Piece of Divine Power and Dark Red Soul Stone Piece, but in a different stage. Right now, if you have a Complete Piece of Divine Power, you basically have a Recipe of a Goddess armor.

Sadly the dismantle with complete refund is only available on Level 2 Armors … O.O im stuck with Austeja hahaha if I craft it now …