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[Question for Staff] Fan Merchandise ANSWERED


Hello, Staff! I have sent this question before through direct message, but would like to ask it here so everyone is also aware. My question is:

Is it allowed for artists to make and sell fan merchandise of Tree of Savior? Example: Stickers, Keychains, Prints, etc. of Goddesses, Demon Lords, Class Masters and such.

I don’t know how IMC copyrights work, so I’d like to know.
Thank you in advance!

Tagging @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob , since I see them more active.

[UPDATE]: IMC does not allow commercial nor marketing use of Tree of Savior. People shall not make money out of Tree of Savior content.


I’ll ask to higher ups about the Intellectual property and conditions.


Thank you so much! If you can post their answer here, it’ll be useful for fan creators.


actually, the only answer they should give you is yes.

i know IPs are expensive and giving out licenses is a hassle but.
they should never turn down any kind of marketing anyone offers them. this game needs it.


Some Japanese creators allow fans to make merchandise and sell it, since its a way to promote the creation. Nevertheless, Korean or other countries companies might be different. So, let’s better make sure and respect their decisions. :satisfaction:


The Official Answer is No

Hard to take care of the Intellectual product since we’re not involved on that issue, and we’re not taking charge of the matter.


well i guess that’s that.


Alright. Understandable and respected. :blush:
Another question: What about giving propaganda away of Tree of Saviors? Like, pamphlets about the game. I’m an art exhibitor in local conventions and show my ToS Art; currently I’m working on a comic. People tend to ask me where are the characters from and when I tell them, they don’t know the game. For every peek they give on my ToS Art and Comic, can I give them a pamphlet, so they can know about the game?


Hi WarNux!

First of all, let me just clarify that our answer given by Staff Yuri above is by no means an attempt on IMC’s part in deterring the game’s fans from creating fanart and merch for TOS to share and enjoy within the fan community.

But nonetheless, you must understand when someone asks us for permission to sell and profit from TOS related fanart on our official forums our official forums, it’s difficult for us to say yes.

So, to answer your second question on giving out pamphlets or non-profit comics/zines on the TOS IP, there shouldn’t be any problems for you to do so.


That’s alright! I actually understand such terms. :blush: Artists will keep creating fan art in the love for this game. So, I’m thanked that you guys clarify this for everyone who might be wondering or doing it already without knowing these terms. I actually sent some Direct Messages regarding to this, but never got answered; I know you’ve been busy. Sorry if I bugged you guys too much.

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