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Question about the price of Exchange Medals [EU Server]



I am currently selling 250 Exchange Medals on Fedimian. And so far somebody offered me 20M Silver or 100 Shards. Since I am rather new to the market I am not sure about the price. In order to be sure that I am not doing a bad trade I would like to ask whether some of you recently sold/bought Medals on EU Server and what you paid or sold for.

Edit: Also what I do wonder about in case that 20M is fine as offer. Should I take the Shards or the silver? I am not sure because on one hand the price of shards can differ a lot between 170k and 190k - however when I take the silver I will need to sell the item via market - so I will need to pay the 10% Tax + the 2,5% registration fee, which will result in 2,5M beeing paid for the taxes. So it will result in 17,5M beeing gained.
Or should I ask the posible buyer whether it will be fine when he adds some more shards (maybe 5) - in order to be sure that it will be 20M in the end?

Edit2: Sold it for 105 Shards now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help.

Have a nice evening.

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