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Question about the Craftable Event Weapons

Just wondering before I sink tons of money into the mats to craft the event Asio Dagger I got from the recipe selection box, the recipe says it disappears at the end of the event period, does this mean -only- the recipe will disappear if I don’t craft the weapon? Or will the crafted weapon disappear too?

I thought only the box thingy disappeared if not used :confused:

will need to check weapon Recipe too now D:

It would be really dumb if weapon itself disappeared after been made, so I doubt it :confused:

but for the maybes @STAFF_Amy @GM_Francis

The box is the one that is supposed to be deleted after the event ended. As long as you already choose a recipe you’ll be fine.

Also, the event ended yesterday before maintenance. If you still got the recipe in your inventory then it will stay forever.

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I still got the box. Should be safe, as many stuff from previous events that should have been deleted (like the tons of balloons).

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that makes me sad D:

I rushed my selection cause expiration dates give me anxiety :frowning:

Better safe than sorry

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