Question about Taoist/Elementalist build


I been having alot fun with this build but I am now getting close to the third class and I am very confused about which one I want to try.

Here is my current build without the third class and I was wonder which class would work for me

I have Onmyoji and Chrono as the final two choices.

So any suggestions would help and thank you very much.


If you already have Taoist and Elementalist, Chronomancer would be your best choice. Pass to spam x6 Creeping Death Charm, or throw down x2 Meteor for AOE burst. This build does well in AOE and single target, while providing good Pass support for your team.


Even though I strongly recommend pyromancer, if you have to choose between onmyo or chrono:

If you feel elem-tao is enough skills so you have little down time, go with chrono.
If you need more attack skills, go with onmyoji.

FYI: elem-onmyo-chrono utilizes quickcast more.


I’m Ele/Onmyo/Tao and while I don’t suffer from cd moreover AoE, I feel Onmyoji lack compatibility with Ele/Tao. Only Water Shiki and Fire Fox (but who took the fox except for the cuteness Pyro/Kino??) supported by Elemental Essence & Tri-Disaster and I found myself (using 2h staff>no casting reduce time) using White Tiger a lot (non elemental). Tri-Disaster didn’t support Earth skill and Onmyoji lack of Lightning skill too. Tree Shiki is okay for CC tho, Genbu Armor is nice when facing Archer mobs, and Yin Yang is holy-dark element which I will miss a lot.

Personally I will change Onmyo to Chrono, hoping for more crowd control (Slow/Stop), ez spam skill (Pass/QuickCast).