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Question about playing with mouse


Sorry if my english is bad.
I want to play this game with mouse and I want to know how viable is to play with it.



If you’re a PvPer mouse mode is the only way to play the game, without mouse mode the game becomes broken tab targeted junk with none of the skillls that matter, basically just a Reti slaughter machine.

So in order to land a great many skills (Hook, Iron Maiden, Magnetic Force) you use mouse mode allowing you to cast them far away much quicker.

and with that comes the nightmare of being a mouse mode user.

Everyone is morons and your enemy, see that idiot on the statue, is he trying to block you from using it, or just too stupid to know the damage he’s doing… “But IMC gave us a button to use the statues and NPCs being blocked by idiots” Yea what was it? Ctrl? Alt? Shift? It doesn’t ■■■■■■■ work, don’t rely on it.

Here is what I suggest.

Buy yourself a controller, plug it in DO NOT DO CONTROLLER MODE, don’t worry your controller kind of works without being set to controller mode.

Place the controller above your keyboard and then go to rebinding your Mouse Mode Hotkeys, once you’ve got it all how you like it, with an auto attacking key in the correct location you then go into keyboard mode and make all the same changes, key board mode with W A S D as movement and whatever else, and then you try your best to play the classes that require mouse mode, and when a class does not by some miracle require it, swap to keyboard mode and it will be just like your other characters but without all the ridiculous issues IMC no doubt intentionally added to piss off mouse mode users…

Like come on, let me rebind what the mouse does.
Give mouse mode an interact button that is optionally bound.

I would love to target and lock onto players by left clicking them, not that it would ever actually lock because this games targeting system is a joke.

I got an idea, instead of doing a combat update that is desperately needed, lets just remove all the most fun stuff from every class, make PvE more tedious and remove circles to give players less choice. Then call it an update. We rebuilt the game, even though it still functions as horribly as before and there aren’t enough add-ons being made to fix the issues.

Oh you locked on to Gazing Golem and you now want to auto attack it to death? But shouldn’t you auto attack every single ad surrounding it first? … -_-



It is pretty good for several specific classes. Though sometimes can be troublesome and buggy.



Not true. Trained joypad player will outplay mouse user 9 times of 10 due to being able to move much more precisely. And casting skills that requires aim is not that hard after some practice.



It’s not about whether it’s hard or not, it’s slower. significantly.



Nope, joypad R1 talking here


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