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Question about Paladin's Resist Element - Enhance Element

If you choose to use that attb. Will the factor from that attb also boosted by Enhance Attb ? I tried to test it out but I’m not sure with that. Wish someone clarify that to me.

Thank you.

IMO that attrib enchance will no longer work
if U use the Resist Elements: Enhanced Element

it will only scale with skill lv

this is another mystery and inconsistency of IMC works
you can see in some case main skill tooltip will updated if attribute/arts that modify skill activated
lets say in paladin theres stone skin attributes(mdef vs pdef) that will actually update the main skill tooltip
but there are even more skill modifier attribute/arts that doesnt update the main skill tooltip if activated
for example druid physical attribute which expected to update all dps skill tooltip into physical, exo corruption and flame spear arts which shouldve update element type, healing garden art which shouldve update the %sfr, and many more
ofc there is attribute/arts tooltip but its definitely going to be more clear and user friendly if the attribute/art effect update the main skill tooltip as well
especially when theres number/formula involved like enhanced element attribute
i myself tbh question this and sent this as ticket couple weeks ago and obviously responded by bot answer


that attribute is boosting attribute attack(stats) or damage (SFR)?

Haven’t tested just going by the text. It says in the attribute that it’s scaling is based on skill level. So no the enhance attribute should not factor in at all if you are using Resist Elements to increase property damage, only if you are using it for it’s original purpose of damage reduction. Compare this to Chortasmata Art that states that it’s based on skill factor, so as that rises with skill level or enhance so to does its healing

I was having the same question as the OP. My understanding is also that it only scales with skill level, so this saves us 100k attribute points. Then again, it would have been nice to raise that buff a bit.

I agree that it’s a little confusing at present as some tooltips update and others do not. Almost all tooltips do not, so when I unlocked stone skin I couldn’t understand what was happening and what the buff was. Btw the tooltip update in stone skin is kinda wrong because it makes it seem like all damage is reduced when the attributes are toggled on, which is not the case.

the numbers is updated, but its not updated from dmg taken -% into physical or magical dmg taken. so even though its actually good to having one skill that has its main tootlip updated, there is still flaw.