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Question about my build 🤷‍♀️

I’m going SR>ENCH>COR. But I heard that it sucks at everything, but farming. I’m only interested in pve at the moment and may change to pvp if I get to a high level. So would I be fine with pve content?

Do builds matter that much that they can restrict the player?

Also have no clue what gems I should get and stat points- I’ve just been dumping points into DEX. Lol

The build:

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equipment matter more actually, with +30 T10 savinose pistol any random build will kill faster than meta build that use +5 T0 primus legva pistol. I personally dont like meta, too mainstream and just fotocopying someone, no creativity.

in this game, money talks, the richer you are, the stronger your buying power will be. Fastest way to become rich is by selling TP rare item like dionys pet, giltine, etc

red gem for weapon


Thank you! :satisfaction:

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If you’ll go to farm in HG or CM, Thauma is better, since you will encounter shinny mobs, and drop more primus, this will affect your income better than corsair’s pillage. If you have enough damage (16~18k) and attributes max, you can take both corsair and thauma with SR, but only if you spent a lot of time inside hg or cm.

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