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Question about lightning shock

what does the lightning shck debuff from mineloader card do?? It seems like it only does 1 damage per tick

That’s all it does. One of the best card to amplify +% chance to spawn doll from Asio Mace. I personally use it and it’s freaking good.
You can also trigger other set effects as well. I personally recommend frieno set.

Does it proc on owl?

Nope. I don’t think so.

So it doesn’t have any debuff? how is it any better than bleeding or poison??

Firstly it ticks faster at 1 tick / 0.5s compared to poison/bleed

Rajapearl is 1tick /s
Bitregina is 1 tick / 2
Mineloader is 1 tick/0.5s

Secondly, the 3 of them can proc each other. So in a way, they stack really well on DoT builds

Thirdly, you can use it to the full potential with items with proc effects, namely: Frieno, Wastrel Cannon, Asio Mace etc.

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