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Question about level upgradable Arts

If I want to upgrade level of Arts skills, do I need to craft more Arts book to upgrade?

Yes, gotta spend a book per upgrade.

Each Level Art attribute Enchant you need

2 pages
5 Bless Gems
A lot of attributes points more than 11k per lv

Max of Attribute level is 10 and you gain 1.25% per level to level 10 at 20%.

So 50% (Maxing you skill Enchant Attribute level 100)+ 10% (Once you reach level 100 on your attribute you get an extra 10%) + 20% ( from maxing your Art Enchant Attribute to level 10) = 80% increase to your SFR.




If there are added bonuses for maxed art enchants, they don’t seem to be working right now. My attaque composee ended up at 1110%, and that’s equal to 617% * 1,6* 1.125.

(50+10) x 1.125 = 1.8
12.5% of 160% is 20%
20000000000000 charr

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