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Question about ingame secret for developers!

Here in Fedimian Suburbs is one broken chimmey and we are keeping watering it with “Old Bowl”, but still nothing is happening. It literally says “Nothing changed”. Can you give us a clue? Thanks!

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Anyone know how?

I tried about 50 times before give up.

this is a ongoing secret nobody knows what it does
we’re still trying to figure it out

also imc have a policy to not reveal secrets whether you love that or hate it, so its up to us the players to work together and figure it out or die trying
my initial thought was you had to spill the water on it enough times but I tried 100 and nothing, so my thought now is it’s time based maybe? Might be worth trying it at different hours, although I haven’t tried watering it more than 100 times
Best thing you can do is get 2 squires to set up a tent and warp back and forth