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Question about Exp Card


Hello. I’m returning after a long time and can see a lot has changed.

Even if it’s not truly necessary I want to do all quests along the way (no rush to level).

My question is, is it ok to use Exp Cards right away? Will I at some (any) point need to save them?

I remember back in the day if you didn’t save quite an important ammount you’d be stuck at levels with no good grinding maps. Even making good use of cards, at some points, you’d still have to make certain to grind several levels in-party before moving on to new quests. From what I’ve read this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore but…don’t wanna find myself stuck.



with how many ways there are now to level, I say yes…

at least all below lvl10 in my opinion…

Take it from someone who has done almost all quests on the game (except some green/hidden and 2 blue ones)… as long as you are around map level or can get in a party… you are fine :slight_smile:


For me i’ll use it as soon as possible… grinding level can be done by doing daily dungeon after getting level 300 … just leveling fast enough to get into daily dungeon and doing Challenge Mode


I’ve restarted a char recently and after doing quests on the lower levels (up to level 20), my character is already up to 70. Without using any xp cards… Basically the lower xp cards are useless, since you don’t need them and when you use them they give so little exp it doesn’t make any difference. So I’ve come to the conclusion that you can use these cards at any time. Feel free to use them right away if you want. For me, I simply keep them until I reach the next level of xp cards and use them all, so I only have one stack of cards at any time.


Thank you for the answers.


Exp cards are not useless.

If you want to optimize time spent, you should shoot for using them to get you over a hump, either the top of an exp cliff to get to the point where exp jumps quickly, or to be able to queue for the next good dungeon or CM map.

For example, save enough to get you to 110, then head over to Demon Prison. Save up enough to get you to 202, do CMs in Cranto. Save them up to get you to 300 to do that dungeon, then 330 to do that dungeon, etc.